Je Suis Charlie / Je Suis Satirist / Je Suis Jesus

for the brave men and women of Charlie Hebdo, and other fallen victims in Paris, plus Erin Nanasi, top-notch satirist JE SUIS CHARLIE. JE SUIS SATIRIST. JE SUIS JESUS. In its heyday, Columbia City Paper was like a journalistic Roman candle borne from a twisted Hunter S. Thompson dream. How to explain? Perhaps as such: once […]

Happy Anniversary to You, Me & this Wonderful, Screwed Up Little Blue Planet

Happy Anniversary to us! You and me, dear reader!  We made it a whole year! Together we survived same sex marriage and Bashar al-Assad (although many did not) and drone strikes (ditto) and the Polar Vortex and the Putin Polka and the Koch Brothers and Operation American Spring and Ken Hamm’s hellacious hermeneutics and the […]

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