Why I Should be a Republican, But I’m Not

I’ve dedicated a good portion of my life, and sometimes my own sanity, to fighting against Republican ignorance. And while I’ll describe myself as a liberal, a progressive or even a Democrat deep down, I honestly just use common sense when it comes to determining where I stand on any given issue. That being said, […]

Are Liberals Becoming Too Sensitive and Politically Correct?

I learned at a fairly young age that when it comes to somewhat controversial debates, people often get so emotionally wrapped up in whatever it is that they fail to see the forest for the trees.  I’ve written articles that were more than 1,000 words and 8 of those words were something with which someone […]

Clothing Store GAP Raising Employee Minimum Wage to $10, Gives Perfect Reason Why

The debate over the minimum wage has been fierce lately, with most Democrats backing a push to raise it to $10.10 and Republicans strongly opposing such action. But of course they do.  If it were a tax break for the super rich, they’d vote in favor of it unanimously.  If it’s something to help out […]