New Texas History Books are Going to Whitewash the Truth About the Civil War and the Confederacy

I’ve often accused the Republican party (and conservatives in general) of behaving more like a cult than a grouping of millions of people who thrive on facts or reality. In my opinion, they seem to care more about what they want to be real as opposed to actual reality. I’m fine with having a difference of opinions, […]

I Am A Southerner And The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Represent Me

I grew up in rural western Virginia back in the 80s and 90s, surrounded by many of the battlefields and other historical sites from the Civil War. Up and down through the green fields and small villages of the Shenandoah Valley, both Union and Confederate soldiers fought and died until the guns finally fell silent […]

10 Questions Everyone Should Ask Those Who Continue to Defend the Confederate Flag

Following the death of nine African-Americans at the hands of a racist animal who attacked a church in South Carolina, the debate has once again been refueled over the fact that the Confederate flag still flies at the South Carolina State House. In fact, according to state law, it’s illegal to remove the flag – which is […]

I Called Out Those Who Take Pride in the Confederate Flag, Here Are Some of Their Absurd Responses

Since the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina that took the lives of nine African-Americans by a perpetrator who was clearly driven by racism, the debate over the Confederate flag still flying high over the State House has intensified. While most people I think rightfully view the flag as a symbol of racism, hate and […]

I Have A Message For Those Who Claim The Confederate Flag Represents Their Heritage

I’ve lived in the South my whole life, Texas to be exact. To say the South is like an entirely different country in some aspects is exactly right. As a progressive living in this state, sometimes I really don’t feel like I’m on the same planet, let alone in the same country as many of the […]

Debunking the Conservative Lie That the Confederacy Wasn’t About Racism and Slavery

Lately, whenever I find myself discussing anything pertaining to slavery, the Confederacy or the Civil War, the popular thing for many Republicans to do is claim that the Confederacy wasn’t about fighting for their desire to own other human beings as property – it was just about freedom, states’ rights, and an opposition to the […]

Yes, Honoring the Confederacy is Like Honoring Nazi Germany or Any Other Hate Group

I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, so it’s not at all uncommon for me to see decals on vehicles, t-shirts, hats or countless other pieces of paraphernalia depicting the Confederate flag. And while it’s not shocking for me to see a flag that represents the belief by some that they should have the right […]

Reading the General, or Ixnay on the “Sherman Didn’t Burn Enough” Bumper Sticker

Then sang we a song of our chieftain That echoed over river and lea; And the stars of our banner shone brighter When Sherman marched down to the sea! * One-hundred fifty years ago this week, General William Tecumseh Sherman sat on a log on the Broad River—not far from where I type this evening—and […]

Less than Half of Mississippi Republicans Say They Would Support United States Against the Confederacy

I’ve lived in Texas all my life, so racism isn’t anything that shocks me.  Why should it?  I see it all the time.  To see a Confederate flag displayed somewhere, or hear someone use the “n-word,” isn’t anything out of the ordinary.  Hell, many of the people here truly believe “the South shall rise again.” […]

Pathetic Mississippi Tea Party Candidate Defends Sons of Confederate Veterans, Says They’re Not Racist

I always laugh whenever someone tries to defend the confederacy to me.  The confederacy was a secessionist movement within the United States that tried to form their own nation built on the belief that human beings should be deemed “property.” I don’t care if you had relatives who fought for the confederacy (they’re actually traitors […]