One of Trump’s Morning Tweets is a Perfect Example of How He Distorts the Truth Even When He’s Not Lying

At this point, if the day of the week ends in a “y,” there’s a good chance Donald Trump will be going on some sort of Twitter tirade around 7 am after watching Fox & Friends and getting riled up about whatever nonsense they’re covering. Such as this morning when, after sending out another garbage […]

5 Websites Liberals Really Need To Stop Sharing From

I often see people who call themselves liberals or progressives claim that they’re so much smarter and well-informed than Republicans. Over and over again, they tout their intellectual superiority while pointing to conservatives as being ignorant for believing “news” sources like Fox News or The Blaze. As much as liberals are right about those sources, many […]

The Left’s Problem With Facts Concerns Me Greatly

From time to time, people will be puzzled when I write articles on science. Trust me, all I have to do is mention GMOs, Monsanto, conspiracy nuts or Food Babe, and I will suddenly be inundated with angry comments wherever my article is posted. Take for example a story I wrote a little while back exposing […]

What Do “Food Babe” And Fox News Have In Common?

If you haven’t heard of her by now, there is this woman named Vani Hari who goes by the alias “Food Babe” who has become infamous for her attacks on a number of food companies, including Subway and, most recently, Starbucks. In this latest attack, she has sent thousands of her fans, known as the […]

A Simple Explanation Showing How Facebook is Destroying Credible Journalism and News

Facebook is an easy target to bash – and rightfully so on a lot of levels.  They claim they’re all about the user experience, yet it seems with every one of their updates users become less and less satisfied with their service.  But much like Walmart, as much as people complain about it, they still […]

Politics 101: 3 Ways To Avoid Being Part Of The Problem

In order for our nation to be the healthy, thriving, powerful entity we all know it can be, there are certain things that we, as citizens, have to do. I know, I know, it’s a burden. “We’re supposed to be the land of the free! How can you say that we HAVE to do something?!? […]

Profits over Politics – How The Media Divides Americans to Fatten their Pockets

“Conservative Host: Trayvon Deserved To Die And So Does ‘F*ggot’ Dan Savage (VIDEO).” “Watch Bill O’Reilly Shamed Into Apologizing For His Racist Remarks! (VIDEO).” “See The 10 Reasons Why Fox News Is Total Garbage!” “Republican Who Said ‘Shoot That N*gg*r’ About Obama Claims Statement Wasn’t Racist.” Are these titles shocking? Of course they are. Did […]

Recycled Confirmation Bias Does Nothing to Further the Progressive Movement – Stop Rewarding It

Over and over again, I see opinion pieces thinly disguised as news stories with titles like “The GOP’s SHOCKING problem with racism” or “You won’t believe what this GOP congressman said about minorities! (VIDEO).” Go to Reddit, Facebook and anywhere else and you’ll be inevitably deluged with this flood of recycled news stories from a […]