Mike Huckabee Compares Planned Parenthood to Benghazi – Seriously

House Republicans have decided to launch yet another Congressional witch hunt, this time over the debunked Planned Parenthood videos which were created by the anti-abortion group calling itself “Center for Medical Progress.” While the credibility of the videos is highly suspect and the footage is clearly doctored, Republican lawmakers are pressing ahead with their investigation […]

In The New Year, Could Republicans Be Just A Little Less Ridiculous?

Well, wombats, here we are. New Year’s Eve day, the last day of 2014, the last day of what has been one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory. Other than 2013, of course, and 2012, and…oh who am I kidding, the entire first part of the 21st century has been bizarre. But you have […]

Republicans Have Become So Ridiculous Even Charles Krauthammer is Calling Them Out (Video)

You know the Republican party is getting fairly ridiculous when Charles Krauthammer is calling out their antics. On Fox News, Krauthammer slammed Republicans for urging President Obama to act unilaterally on immigration – just a day after they voted to sue him for acting unilaterally on making minor changes to the Affordable Care Act. Krauthammer […]

Here We Go Again: Republicans Plan to Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Unless Their Demands are Met

Oh Paul Ryan, what a scumbag you are.  Then again, what should anyone expect?  This is a man who paid for his college education using Social Security money he received following the untimely death of his father — then has spent his entire adult life working for the government — yet constantly speaks out against […]

Republicans Calling This “Obama’s Shutdown” Simply Prove How Clueless They Are

I don’t know if there’s ever been a time where I’ve been this dumbfounded by Republican rhetoric.  I mean sure, they’ve always been pretty detached from reality on many things, but this whole “shutdown the government to defund Obamacare” thing takes the cake. And the ones who keep blaming the shutdown on Democrats or President […]

Obama Slams Republicans: “Anything even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose.”

Talking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Obama spoke candidly about many aspects of his presidency.  And while I’m not going to break down the entire transcript (it’s worthy of 5-6 articles by itself), he had one line I absolutely loved because it’s something almost every liberal knows, but you won’t usually hear a sitting president […]

Obama Calls on Congress to Act on Syria — House Republicans Decide to Stay on Vacation

For weeks Republicans have been fear mongering about what President Obama might do as it relates to Syria.  The general talking point many of them used was that Obama would circumvent Congress and “go it alone.”  This of course brought the “he’s an unconstitutional tyrant” crowd out in full force. As it turns out, the […]

Enough is Enough: Two Bills Overwhelmingly Supported by Americans, Killed in Congress by Republicans

I’m not here to write an ideological breakdown about whether or not universal background checks would make a difference or the good or bad of immigration reform.  What I find alarming is that the vast majority of Americans, both Republican and Democrat, support both measures—yet we still can’t get them passed. That should be alarming to every […]