Leelah Alcorn: Another LGBT Child Lost Because Of Hate, Religious Fervor, And Ignorance.

Leelah Alcorn posted a suicide note to social media before taking her own life this past Sunday. The note detailed Leelah’s struggle with her conservative Christian parents as a transgender teenager. Her parents refused to accept Leelah, insisting on calling her “Josh,” and, according to Leelah’s heartbreaking note, forced her to attend “Christian therapy.” Her parents did […]

The Truth About Christianity and the Faithlessness of the Conservative Christian

Whenever conservatives bring up this idea that they’re somehow the party that encompasses “Christian values,” I usually either just shake my head or laugh.  It all depends on my mood, and the outrageousness of whatever it is that I just heard. But hardly anything about conservative ideology reflects true “Christian” values. Sure, some of them […]

We Must Stop Allowing Far Right Conservative Christians to Dumb Down and Radicalize This Country

They believe that “God speaks to them,” that laws should be taken from religion, that homosexuality is a sin, that women shouldn’t have control over their own bodies and that all other religions besides theirs are wrong. Oh, I’m talking about Islamic radicals, not conservative Christians.  Though I could see how someone might confuse the […]

The Unfair and Unconstitutional Persecution of Conservative Christians

I think it’s time someone finally takes a stand to defend this group of people who for too long now have faced public ridicule, inequality, and have had their constitutional values trashed.  We live in a society where it’s unfair that millions of Americans are denied their constitutional rights, while enduring intense hate and judgement […]