Mississippi Lawmakers Propose Making The Bible Official State Book

Earlier this week, it was the story about Winfield, Alabama declaring itself to be owned by God (sorry Jesus, no refunds). Now, Mississippi lawmakers want to make the Bible the official book of the state of Mississippi, and that really makes you wonder what the hell these people are thinking. I know, I know, this […]

What Do The Ten Worst States To Live In Have In Common?

CNBC recently released a story titled “America’s 10 worst states to live in” and the results were not surprising. Before you jump down my throat, this is CNBC, a financial TV channel, not just some blogger’s opinion. Here’s how they came to their conclusion: There are many ideal places around the country to raise a […]

5 Reasons Everyone Should Oppose Michael Boggs’ Nomination

What do we know about Michael Boggs? We know that the ultra-conservative former legislator and current judge has been appointed by President Obama for a federal district┬ácourt bench in Georgia. We know that this is part of a compromise deal Obama made with Georgia senators in order to lift blocks for other appointments. We probably […]