“Joe the Plumber” Advocates Assassination, Says ‘Guns Are Mostly for Hunting Down Politicians’

Following his first round of disgusting comments in his “open letter,” I really didn’t want to give Samuel Wurzelbacher any kind of attention.  After all, who cares what he has to say about gun rights?  He’s a nobody. But then I ran across his follow up to that pathetic letter where he said that guns […]

Cliven Bundy Now Encouraging Lunatic Followers to Trample Through Navajo Nation Sites

When the Cliven Bundy story first hit, I wrote that he epitomizes almost everything that’s wrong with the conservative movement.  And I still stand by that belief.  He’s an anti-government hypocrite who’s essentially pissed off because he’s been found guilty (by four different courts) of violating federal law by allowing his cattle to graze on land […]

The Most Dangerous Terrorists the United States Faces? Conservatives

The Republican party (and more specifically conservatives) are some of the most vile, hypocritical people in this country today. These “southern conservatives,” throughout our American history, have stood for some of the most disgusting beliefs our nation has ever held. And it’s a little ironic how most people will say something like Islamic radicals, when […]

After Attacking Poor Families at CPAC, Paul Ryan Embarrassingly Gets Caught Plagiarizing from Book

Perhaps many of you have heard about the heart-wrenching story Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan told during his speech at the annual CPAC event.  During his speech, Ryan essentially said that if parents don’t personally make their children brown bag lunches, then that proves they don’t care for their children. He spoke about a story he […]

Paul Ryan Makes Some of the Most Ignorant Comments During Day 1 of CPAC

Sometimes I watch, read or listen to Republicans giving speeches and I just walk away flabbergasted at what I just witnessed.  They often define the phrase, “They simply don’t get it.” Take for instance Paul Ryan speaking about free school lunches during CPAC.  He essentially implied that parents who don’t personally make their kids lunches […]