Call It Like It Is: Trump Supporters are Part of a Cult Following a Deranged Leader

While Donald Trump officially has the title of “president,” he’s really more of a cult leader than anything else. An unhinged madman who hasn’t found a conspiracy theory he doesn’t like, he’s admired by millions of Americans who will seemingly turn on anyone and anything when it comes to their blind devotion to Trump. In […]

Mike Huckabee Shows off Constitutional Ignorance: Dred Scott ‘Still the Law of the Land’

I joked with a buddy of mine the other day that GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee must be trolling us. There’s just no way he could be this stupid, right? After all, this is someone who was once governor of Arkansas and has been treated as a legitimate political analyst by pretty much everyone in […]

Kim Davis Is Not An Icon For Civil Rights – She’s An Enemy Of Them

While I’m sure many people are getting sick of hearing about Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, I personally cannot get enough of this story. Well, let me rephrase that a bit. I’m absolutely sick of the stupidity of those who support Kim Davis, but this entire ordeal has perfectly exemplified the idiocy of the religious […]

Islamophobes Protest Language Education At Houston Arabic Immersion Magnet School

Immersion schools are a great way for kids to learn a second, or even third language, that they might not have had the chance to learn otherwise. Here in southern Louisiana, French immersion schools are big thing, allowing local kids to learn both the French language and culture. These children get to interact with people […]

Al Franken Slams Ted Cruz’s Ignorance on Net Neutrality (Video)

When it comes to this sudden Republican opposition to net neutrality, I’m not sure if it’s derived from actual knowledge about what net neutrality is or simply because President Obama came out in support of it which naturally means they’re going to oppose it. Recently two well-known Texas Republicans, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, have […]

A Contradiction in Terms: The Ignorant Conservative Defense of ‘Religious Freedom’

A term that’s become extremely popular among conservative Christians here lately is “religious freedom.”  But every time I see conservatives say this, a famous line from the movie The Princess Bride pops into my mind: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Which shouldn’t be surprising considering conservatives […]

5 Popular Conservative Talking Points Debunked By Common Sense

The words “common sense” and “conservative” don’t often go together.  Especially since the rise of the tea party.  You know, the people who base facts and reality based on what they want to be real instead of what actually is real. But while reading through a few comments left by conservatives on several of my articles, I […]

Study Shows States That Raised Their Minimum Wage Experienced Faster Job Growth

People who oppose the minimum wage always try to paint any increase as this “massive job killer” that will undoubtedly leave millions of Americans unable to find work. This belief, as most sane people are well aware of, is based on complete nonsense. In fact, companies like GAP, which recently announced that they would be […]

Russia’s Newest Law Inches Nation Closer to the Utopia American Conservatives Want to Create Here

A lot of liberals have joked about Russian President Vladimir Putin being a bit of an icon for conservatives in the United States.  His views on homosexuality mirror those of many conservative Christians in the U.S. and quite a few Republicans were heaping praise on him for his “strength” compared to the “weak” President Obama. […]

In One Speech, Mike Huckabee Proves How Ignorant Conservatives Are About Our Constitution (Video)

Believe it or not, there was a time where I didn’t think Mike Huckabee was that bad of a guy.  Granted I didn’t know a whole lot about him back then, but the few times I saw him give an interview he seemed fairly level headed, and what he said didn’t sound like something uttered […]