Excited Michele Bachmann Talks About President Obama Accelerating the End of the World

What the hell has happened to the Republican party? I’m legitimately afraid for our future if these people ever gain control of both Congress and the White House. We’re no longer dealing with rational people who just happen to have differing opinions about how a government should govern; now we’re dealing with people who, in […]

Ann Coulter Goes off on Disgusting Racist Rant, Compares Immigration Reform to Sexual Assault

When the Republican party and racism get brought up, conservatives are often quick to dismiss the notion that the Republican party is filled with racists.  Racism itself is hard to “prove” because if someone, or a group of people, spout off something racist those claiming that the GOP isn’t racist will simply dismiss them as […]

Don’t Be Fooled By Glenn Beck’s Recent Stunning Comments – It’s All About His Ego

A lot has been made lately within the liberal community over what some are calling “shocking” or “stunning” comments by right-wing media personality Glenn Beck.  He’s taken a slightly more common sense approach to homosexuality recently, and also made comments on Fox News where he admitted making mistakes in how he expressed his views.  Beck […]