Alex Jones Rattles Off One of the Most Revolting Rants I’ve Ever Heard (Video)

Alex Jones is a piece of trash. This deplorable parasite is nothing more than a con man who’s made millions of dollars peddling lies, conspiracies, and hate to people who I can only assume are legitimately insane. How anybody can listen to this revolting pile of excrement and take anything he says seriously is beyond me. […]

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Latest Attempt to Defend Trump’s Insanity (Video)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frauds in this country is Fox News’ Sean Hannity. A con man and a hypocrite, this is someone no rational person could ever take seriously. His pro-Trump pom-pom waving has been so ridiculous that not only did network executives call him out for lacking “editorial standards” after using […]

Conservative Blogger Writes Comically Bad Article to Claim Trump is ‘100% Vindicated’ on 9/11 Lie

Aside from Fox News, another conservative “news” source I visit fairly often is It’s about as close to a conspiracy website as I can stomach, and the overall journalistic “quality” is quite often so laughably bad that it serves as a form of entertainment. Take for instance this gem I came across declaring that Donald […]

While Conservative Christians Cry About Cups, Starbucks Extends Amazing Benefit to Veterans

In what’s become as big of a tradition as Christmas itself, the annual mythological “war on Christmas” is apparently in full-swing among conservatives. I’m sure everyone knows what that means. A few conservatives find a couple of examples where businesses did something that’s not quite “Christmas enough” and the whole conservative world freaks out. It’s […]

Megyn Kelly Throws A Fit On Air After Media Claims Hillary Clinton Won Benghazi Hearing (Video)

Following a ridiculously long 11-hour day Thursday in which Hillary Clinton testified for over nine hours in front of the latest Republican-led Benghazi committee, the general consensus among most political experts (even many conservatives) is that she “won” the day. Despite Republicans doing just about everything they could to get some sort of “gotcha” moment […]

Ben Carson Disparages Single Parents & LGBT Families: ‘Traditional’ Families are ‘Better’ for Raising Kids (Audio)

I consider myself a fairly knowledgable when it comes to politics. Not to say that I know everything (I clearly don’t), but I do feel that I have a decent grasp on many aspects of our political process. That being said, I have no shame in admitting that I just don’t get the whole Ben […]

Tennessee County Drafts Resolution Begging to be Spared from God’s Wrath

It’s rare that I’m ever rendered speechless over something I’ve seen or read, but that’s exactly what happened when I read a story out of Tennessee that seemed like it had to be some bizarre form of satire. Apparently the Blount County Board of Commissioners is being asked to consider a resolution begging that God spare […]

Dear Republicans: It’s Time You All Start Minding Your Own Damn Business

The older I get, the less time I have to worry about inconsequential things. Not that I’m saying I’m old, I’ve just noticed (as I think most do) that as an adult with more responsibilities and stuff going on in my life, I don’t have time to waste on stuff that doesn’t really matter. That […]

Republican Rep. Peter King: Boehner’s Exit Signals ‘The Crazies’ Have Taken Over the GOP (Video)

John Boehner’s rather surprising announcement that he’s resigning from Congress at the end of October has been met with some interesting reactions from both sides of the political aisle. Far-right conservatives who believe Boehner isn’t “conservative enough” cheered the announcement, clearly hoping his successor will be someone from their faction. You know, the people in […]

Kim Davis’s Latest Legal Stunt Proves How Desperate She’s Becoming

Yes, I know, people are tired of hearing about Kim Davis. Quite honestly, I’m sick of talking about her. As I’ve said before, this story is about much more than one ignorant woman and her name being on a marriage license. This is about an elected official trying to defy the Supreme Court and deny Americans […]