Ted Nugent Posts Incoherent, Laughable Rant Claiming He’s the Victim of Hate Speech (Video)

To say that Ted Nugent sickens me would be an understatement. As I told my friend over the weekend, I really do hope there’s a hell if for no other reason than deplorable human beings like Nugent deserve to eventually go there. In many ways, Nugent perfectly represents what the modern day GOP has become. […]

Conservative Washington Post Columnist Pens Scathing Mockery of Trump’s Incompetent, Corrupt Administration

While it’s true that most conservatives sold out to Donald Trump, with many serving as nothing more than puppets in his own version of state-run media like we’ve seen on Fox News, there are still a few out there who’ve refused to compromise on their principles, ethics, or humanity to support and defend this “president.” […]

Doctored Emails Being Shopped Trying to ‘Prove’ Ridiculous Parkland Town Hall Conspiracy

While conspiracy theories have always been rather popular among conservatives, since the election of Donald Trump they’ve become mainstream. Being a mentally unhinged conspiracy-pusher himself, Trump’s managed to make conspiracies about “deep state motives being led by the FBI to remove him from office” and “paid actors being funded by George Soros to come after […]

Former Trump Advisor & Current Fox News Analyst Sebastian Gorka Assaults Reporter (Video)

While much of the Trump administration, including this “president,” couldn’t care less about facts or reality, former advisor Sebastian Gorka often took things to a whole other level of delusional insanity. Such as this exchange back in June when he claimed Trump’s tweets aren’t policy and that CNN’s Chris Cuomo shouldn’t spend so much time […]

The Parkland Massacre Has Put the True Depravity of Many Conservatives and Gun Nuts on Full Display

We’re now living in a society where it’s apparently acceptable to criticize, attack, and push conspiracies against survivors — most of whom are teenagers — of a massacre that left 17 human beings dead. Well, it’s “acceptable” if you’re a gun fanatic or a member of the right-wing media they follow. To decent human beings, […]

Debunking One of the Most Ridiculous Anti-Immigrant Memes I’ve Ever Encountered

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways for unethical lowlifes to spread fake news is by creating memes to post on various social media pages, hoping that they go “viral.” A meme that goes viral on social media can reach hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of a day or two. Over […]

Fox & Friends’ Reaction to NYT Report is Completely Ridiculous (Video)

It’s no secret that Fox & Friends, as well as most of Fox News, has become nothing more than Donald Trump’s own version of state-run media. The morning show, in particular, is a main source for Trump’s almost daily Twitter meltdowns as he spends hours every day obsessing over what’s said about him on cable […]

‘Morning Joe’ Can’t Stop Laughing After Hannity Humiliates Himself Thursday Night (Video)

They say the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Well, I think we can add a third to that list seeing as Fox News’ Sean Hannity will say or do anything to defend Donald Trump. So it should surprise absolutely no one that’s exactly what he tried to do […]

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Truly Spectacular Fashion

I feel it’s safe to assume that unless you’re someone who’s gullible enough to view Fox News’ Sean Hannity as a credible source of information, you probably realize he’s a joke who’s nothing more than a propagandist, conspiracy theorist, and, more recently, Donald Trump’s head cheerleader. From throwing hissy fits over other conservatives calling out […]

The Truth is Conservatives Thrive on Fear, Hate, Racism, and Bigotry Because They’re Cowards

Throughout this country’s history, if you look at any pivotal moment (slavery, women’s suffrage, segregation, civil rights, gay rights, etc.) conservatives are on the wrong side of it. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the vast majority of conservatives live in rural areas that, despite being the 21st century, aren’t all that […]