The 10 Step Republican Process for Creating the Perfect Mindless Conservative Zombie

I’ve hit a point in political discourse where much of the time I teeter on the edge of anger and laughter when dealing with conservatives. To me, many conservatives don’t behave like people who follow a political party, but rather like individuals who have joined a cult. And while many people often seem shocked at how […]

What The Hell Have Republicans Really Done For Conservative Voters?

Conservatives like to go on and on about the horrific policies of the Obama administration and how terrible Democrats are. But something that I seem to always notice is missing is what their party has done for them. See, as a liberal who voted for President Obama, I can tell you what he’s done for this country: […]

How Sarah PAC, Rick Santorum And Others May Be Duping Conservative Donors

Recently, a number of websites published claims that donations to ALS as part of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” were mostly used for executive salaries and overhead, and not for the purposes of finding a cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people pour a bucket of ice […]

Why Do So Many Conservative Voters Choose to Reject Reality?

I’ll never quite understand why people vote for Republicans.  Sure, I get the brilliant Republican strategy to tie faith in with politics, but is it really just an opposition to abortion and homosexuals that makes these people so gullible? I just don’t get it.  I’ve called it cognitive dissonance.  I’ve called it a cult.  But […]