Trump Uses Twitter to Promote Another Conspiracy Theorist Who Claims Sandy Hook Was a Hoax

For all intents and purposes, when you get right down to it, Donald Trump is nothing more than your typical unhinged conspiracy theorist who most of us mock for thinking that practically everything in this life is “out to get them.” As I’ve joked about before, Trump may go down in history as the only […]

Alex Jones Once Again Proves That He’s a Disgusting Human Being

I’ve made no secret that I absolutely loathe conspiracy theorists.  To me they represent the lowest common denominator of the human race.  If they’re not crazy (as most of them are) then they’re just people who prey on the paranoia and ignorance of millions.  And let’s face it, it doesn’t take a lot of talent […]

“Operation: American Spring” is Crazier Than Anybody Could Have Possibly Thought

By now most of you have heard about the “historic, groundbreaking event” that’s being held in Washington D.C. by right-wing lunatics patriots demanding the removal from office of President Obama, Eric Holder, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Millions upon millions (30 million by most of their estimates – or 10% of the […]

A Breakdown of Some of the Asinine Conspiracy Theories Conservatives Have Used Against Obama

Most of us know that conservatives are professional conspiracy theorists.  In the past I’ve joked that they must really believe President Obama is the most powerful president in United States history considering the amount of conspiracies they’ve alleged he’s successfully perpetrated. But conspiracy theorists always make me laugh because they believe all of these asinine […]

Frequent Fox News Guest Erik Rush Disgustingly Claims President Obama ‘Murdered’ Malaysia Airlines Passengers

Even though the Malaysian government has come out and said that Flight 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean killing everyone on board, don’t expect that news to quiet the conspiracy nuts looking to blame it on President Obama.  They’ve done everything possible to make their brainwashed followers believe this was some giant government conspiracy where […]

Meet The Man Making Money Off Gullible, Bigoted Conspiracy Nuts

Earlier today, my colleague Ilyssa Fuchs wrote an article about how the latest far right furor is over the Girl Scouts and their yummy, delicious cookies. In a nutshell, some of them are calling for a boycott of those irresistible Thin Mints all because they think Girl Scouts USA is endorsing Wendy Davis in Texas. Oh […]

Alex Jones Tears into Chris Christie, Claims Karl Rove is Setting Up a Hillary Clinton Presidency

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about our favorite crazy conspiracy loon, Alex Jones.  Mainly because I can’t stand listening to him for more than a couple of minutes before I lose all hope in humanity knowing that a few million people actually follow and believe this lunatic. Honestly, I shouldn’t even call […]

NRA’s Own Study Debunks Far Right’s Crazy Ammo Shortage Conspiracy Theory

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, there’s been a huge run on AR-15 and other semi-auto weapons as many people thought that in the aftermath, an assault weapons ban would be put back into place. For awhile, there was almost no way you could buy the same weapon that was used in the massacre (or the […]

Amazon Announces Future Plans to Use Drones, Conspiracy Theorists Ridiculously Lose Their Minds

I swear, sometimes people are so incredibly gullible it’s just sad.  Now I get emotional reactions to things.  I’ve been guilty of reacting emotionally to certain situations.  But sometimes people just really need to use their heads just a bit more. By now, many of you have undoubtedly heard about the “ambitious” plan by […]

Dear Conspiracy Nuts, Alex Jones Is Playing You For Fools

Monday morning, I half jokingly made a meme after news of the Navy Yard shooting broke, predicting that conspiracy nuts would start screaming “false flag.” And sure enough, I was right. Once again, Alex Jones slithered out from under his rock and summoned that legion of followers to proclaim that once again, the government had […]