5 Ways Republicans are Destroying the United States of America

While Republicans like to champion themselves as a party filled with super-patriots and America-loving constitutionalists fighting to preserve this country’s greatness, that’s not really what they are. In fact, to listen to right-wing rhetoric, most of them can’t stand the majority of Americans or many of the rights that have been protected by our Constitution. […]

A Gun Owner Perfectly Explains How We Can Reduce Gun Violence With Common Sense

In the wake of last week’s shooting in Oregon which left 10 dead, many gun fanatics are screaming about their Second Amendment rights, and how President Obama wants to confiscate their guns. Despite the fact that the United States has a disproportionate amount of gun violence when compared to other countries, they want you to believe […]

If Kim Davis Gets Her Way, Conservatives Will Have Just Opened the Door for Sharia Law

I’ll always remember my time at a previous employer when we had a general manager who really wasn’t very good at his job. He was a nice enough guy, but he was really lazy. For those of us in leadership roles, that meant we were often left to do things we shouldn’t have had to […]

Kim Davis Is Not An Icon For Civil Rights – She’s An Enemy Of Them

While I’m sure many people are getting sick of hearing about Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, I personally cannot get enough of this story. Well, let me rephrase that a bit. I’m absolutely sick of the stupidity of those who support Kim Davis, but this entire ordeal has perfectly exemplified the idiocy of the religious […]

Louisiana Justice Jefferson D. Hughes Defies Supreme Court And Implies Gay People Are Pedophiles

While the United States Supreme Court may have ruled in favor of marriage equality, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jefferson Hughes, along with a few of his colleagues, isn’t too happy about it. Yesterday, the Louisiana Supreme Court finally conceded that in the case of Costanza v. Caldwell, “the State of Louisiana may not bar same-sex couples […]

Dear Conservatives: Neither Our Constitution Nor Our Laws are Based on the Ten Commandments

I’ve received a few messages over the last few days from conservatives professing that our Constitution, and in turn our laws, are derived from the Ten Commandments. I guess this is the argument conservatives are using to try to convince people that those commandments do indeed have a place on government property. I’ve heard this […]

Rand Paul Isn’t A Reform Candidate, He’s Just More Of The Same

Rand Paul for president? Yawn. I really hope that the Republicans who have mocked President Obama’s “Hope” logo for the last 6+ years are taking notes here. Remember how you guys laughed at all the people who fawned over then-candidate Obama as if he was the second coming of Jesus himself? Oh yeah, those people […]

Ted Cruz Whines Because Too Many Americans Support the Constitution (Video)

Whenever the subject of religion and our Constitution is brought up, it never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous many of these evangelical Christians can get. Even though our First Amendment clearly states that our government cannot base laws on religion, and our Constitution lacks even a single mention of Christianity, millions of Americans still believe […]

Hypocritical Arizona Republicans Pass Bills In Defiance Of Federal Laws

Ever since the Tea Party grabbed control across the country in 2010, there’s been an ongoing, unspoken competition by conservative lawmakers throughout the United States to see who can pass the most extreme, asinine and downright unconstitutional legislation possible. Ranging from bills meant to end access to abortion to bills aiming at non-existent “no-go zones,” […]

Right-Wing Media’s Latest Absurd Conspiracy: President Obama Will Run Again In 2016

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to be a conspiracy nut. Imagine living in a world where everything is an evil plot by the government, aliens and Jews who are constantly plotting to make your life hell because you’re “awake” and by Walmart Jesus, you aren’t gonna be taken alive when Obama’s UN […]