North Carolina Republicans Want To Make It Even Harder For Women To Get An Abortion

Republicans in North Carolina’s state legislature bravely tackled some of the most pressing issues facing the Tarheel State yesterday, clearing out months of backlogged legislation and setting an example for state legislatures across the nation. Oh no, wait…I’m sorry, they actually passed a bill requiring women to wait 3 days before getting an abortion. In […]

Always on the Wrong Side of History: A Look at Many of the Constitutional Rights Conservatives Have Opposed

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t have some sort of interaction with a conservative proclaiming that they, and the Republican party, are the ones fighting for a Constitutional America. Unfortunately for them, that’s a claim that our nation’s history soundly disputes. When it comes to “patriotism,” conservatives seem to believe that they’re […]

Edward Snowden Says He’s ‘Very Fortunate’ to be in Russia, Makes Ridiculous Claim About Guantanamo

I try to avoid talking about Edward Snowden because discussing him with many people, especially his supporters, is like debating guns with gun nuts. People who support Edward Snowden don’t care what he says or does.  They don’t care that he leaked a lot of classified information that had nothing to do with the Constitutional rights […]

A Quick Breakdown of the First Amendment so that Conservatives Might Finally Understand It

Not too long ago I wrote a piece where I expressed an opinion that if conservatives had their way, they’d repeal and rewrite our First Amendment. Why wouldn’t they?  The First Amendment is what keeps them from turning the United States into the theocracy that they so desperately want it to be. And an argument […]

Just Because Someone Has the Constitutional Right to Do Something, Doesn’t Make What They’re Doing Right

When it comes to politics, there’s seemingly no short supply of things that sound great – but ultimately don’t make any sense.  They’re words or phrases that are meant to elicit a response, but when you really get right down to them, it’s mostly nonsense. One of the sayings I often see people use is, “It’s my […]

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, 6th Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the sixth edition of my monthly installment titled 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican.  As always the premise is pretty easy.  About once a month I write this feature with 10 new questions I believe liberals should present to their conservative counterparts to have them answer.  The questions […]

Supreme Court Decision Shreds Fourth Amendment, Allows Police to Enter Homes Without Warrant

It’s rare that you’ll see me write something “alarming” about a Supreme Court ruling that has an impact on our Constitutional rights.  But when I read about their latest ruling which now gives police permission to enter a home without a search warrant, it did set off a few of my red flags. In a 6-3 […]

Pastor on The O’Reilly Factor Claims Obama is Setting Stage for Anti-Christ by Supporting Constitutional Rights

I love how these religious “leaders” act as if there’s only two things we do on earth that God cares about: Homosexuals getting married Abortion That’s it. They seem to constantly insinuate that if we allow these two things to continue happening, “God will surely strike us down as a nation.” But of course God […]

Explaining “Freedom of Religion” for Those Who Seem Unable to Understand What it Means

In this country, there are very few individuals who can rightfully call themselves “Constitutional scholars.”  Sure, there are people who know a decent amount about our Constitution, but being an “expert” on a subject is a completely different thing. But wow, when it comes to politics, it seems everyone suddenly becomes an expert on the […]

Rick Perry and the Age Old Right Wing Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty Conundrum

This morning the Texas state legislature, at the direction of Governor Rick Perry, scheduled their second vote in two months on extremely restrictive, and possibly unconstitutional abortion legislation. The driving force behind the proposed legislation is Governor Perry’s so called staunch pro-life stance. The problem, however, is Rick Perry isn’t really pro-life at all. Really […]