Fun Fact for Republicans: The Government Could Reopen Right Now, John Boehner Just Won’t Let It

Since the emergence of the tea party, facts have seemingly become “objective opinions.”  At least that’s the way it seems to be based upon how tea party Republicans treat facts and reality.  Hell, even proven science has come under attack in recent years due in large part to the delusional nature of these right-wing tea […]

It’s Become Apparent that Republicans see the Government Shutdown as Some Kind of Game

The Republican antics following their shutdown of our government have been nothing short of pathetic.  For many of them, specifically those supported by the tea party, they simply don’t get it. Then again, they never get much of anything.  But they really don’t get this. However, the part that infuriates me the most is how these people […]

There’s No Longer Any Debate: Republicans Have Lost Their Minds

I had to turn off the news tonight.  I couldn’t take the stupidity coming from the various Republicans that each of these different news channels brought on television.  Mentally, I just couldn’t fathom the plane of “reality” one must live on to believe — or even be capable of regurgitating — the crap these people […]

The Republican Philosophy on Possible Government Shutdown: Deny Reality, Deny History

As a possible government shutdown looms, Republicans seem determined to prove that when it comes to history and reality, they simply don’t get either. First, it’s the simple reality that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.  Not only is it a law passed by Congress and signed by the president, it […]

President Obama to Republicans: “You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job”

Late this afternoon, President Obama once again spoke publicly about the looming government shutdown and the effects it would have on a wide range of Americans.  The president spoke about how a shutdown would have a domino effect and adversely impact communities all across the country, while hurting millions of Americans in the process. President […]

Republican Senator: GOP Will “Fold Like Hotcakes” if Government is Shutdown Over Obamacare

You know it’s a sad day for the Republican party when fellow Republicans, who on many issues are very right-wing, are calling out other Republicans for being too radical.  But that’s essentially what Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn did when he said that the GOP will “fold like hotcakes” following a government shutdown. Speaking with reporters, […]

Obama Blasts Republicans as They Continue to Simply Make Absolutely No Sense

It’s apparent what President Obama’s strategy is when it comes to a possible government shutdown and, in the next few weeks, a possible first ever default on our credit—-it’s up to Republicans to actually do their jobs, because he’s not going to allow either to be used as political tools for blackmail. And he’s absolutely […]

Former GOP Senator Bashes Party: “Most Americans Are Simply Ignoring Republicans — and They Should”

In a Monday morning op-ed published on, a former Republican senator had some harsh words for his own party based on the current wave of radicalism that seems to be taking over the GOP. Judd Gregg, who’s a former senator from New Hampshire, had a detailed and very critical assessment targeted at his party […]

Republican Senator Calls Out Ted Cruz and Tea Party for Not Being In Tune with the “Real World”

It’s not often you see Republicans calling each other out (though it’s happening more and more as the internal “civil war” within the Republican party continues to grow), but that’s exactly what happened when word leaked out that some Republicans were trying to recruit “red state Democrats” to their fight to defund the Affordable Care […]

Rep. Steve King Says Any Government Shutdown Will Be the Fault of Obama “Tantrum” — Not Republicans

This is by far my favorite argument that I’ve seen coming from Republicans when it comes to pretty much anything.  It’s so absurd that it just makes me wish for a moment I could be inside their heads, because I would love to see what reality is like on their planet. Because, based on comments […]