Exposing the Stupidity of Those Who Oppose Paid Sick Days

While I know you can’t “teach” people to have common sense if they just don’t possess it, I do believe you can try to make people aware of possibly thinking of something in a different way. But when it comes to paid sick days, I just don’t see the logic behind opposing it. As someone […]

Republicans Have Sold the Soul of the American Worker to the Devil Known as Corporate Greed

Not too long ago, I joked with a friend that I sometimes wish Republicans would take over all of Congress and the White House for 12 years and pass anything they wanted. That way, after those 12 years, we would never have to worry about Republicans ever having power again. Though the obvious problem with […]

The Great Recession Is Over, So Why Are American Workers Still Struggling?

It’s almost a daily occurrence where I’ll hear some conservative complaining about how “Obummer is killing our economy” and how government regulations are killing the jobs market. This is usually combined with a rant about how President Obama is trying to kill off Americans with Ebola, impose Communism, sharia law or whatever else the right-wing […]

Burger King Is The Latest Corporation To Consider Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

It may be time to let our voices be heard over at Burger King. According to Reuters, Burger King Worldwide, Inc is in talks with Tim Horton’s for a merger which would make the company a subsidiary of the Canadian company and lessen their tax responsibilities here in the United States through a process known as […]

If Corporations Are People, They Should Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us

This morning, I came across an article by Jonathan Alter over at The Daily Beast that makes a lot of sense in regards to the practice of corporate inversions. In this piece, he argues that American companies should have to sign a contract, or “non-desertion agreement” in order to keep receiving federal contracts. In addition, […]

Corporate Greed Could Mean The End Of Wal-Mart’s Dominance

Goldman Sachs recently changed their advice on Wal-Mart stock from “buy” to “neutral,” and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if they changed it to “sell” over the next few quarters. In fact, it seems like the heyday of the big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target and others may be coming to an end. […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Blasts Corporate Tax-Dodgers: “The Tax Code Is Rigged”

I don’t normally use words like “BLASTS,” “EVISCERATES,” or “DESTROYS” in headlines because I find them hyperbolic, and often an exaggeration of the actual story. In this case, “Blasts” is a pretty accurate description of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s harsh words for corporations like Walgreens that are moving their headquarters overseas to get out of paying […]

Endangered Florida Forest Being Demolished In Favor of New Walmart, Chik-fil-A

As if Walmart wasn’t hated enough, now an endangered forest in Florida is facing demolition so that not only a Walmart can be built, but also a Chik-fil-A, an LA Fitness center, a Chili’s and around 900 apartments. Because as we all know, greed is all that really matters to most of these companies. According […]

Minimum Wage Increase Killed by GOP Obstructionists

Well, the obstructionists of the GOP have done it again. On April 30th, they bravely stood up in the Senate and blocked even the debate about raising the minimum wage… except none of them actually stood up and it wasn’t brave in the slightest. Bravery would have been engaging in the debate, making their case, […]

If the “American Dream” is Truly Dead, Corporate Greed is What Killed It

Raising the minimum wage, job creation and income inequality have been hot button topics for a while now, and rightfully so.  It seems like nearly every week we hear news about the rise in the number of Americans relying on welfare since the recession, yet we also hear about corporate profits reaching record highs and […]