Senator Bernie Sanders: The Republican Budget ‘Is An Absolute Disaster’

It’s time once again for a budget bill, and as usual, Republicans have all sorts of ideas on how the United States can cut wasteful spending. And by wasteful spending, they mean any money that can’t be spent on defense contracts or giving more tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. You know, all of that […]

Bobby Jindal Wants To Slash Funding For Education, Duck Dynasty Will Keep Tax Breaks

On an almost daily basis, I wonder why the hell I’m living in Louisiana. Scorching heat and humidity, roads that look like they’re from a third-world country, and a corrupt criminal justice system in which it’s often hard to tell the criminals from the police – that’s Louisiana. If you’ve ever tried to figure out […]

New Study Proves Once Again That “Trickle-Down Economics” Are A Massive Scam

How many times have you heard conservatives tell you that the rich are taxed too much? To hear the proponents of trickle-down economics tell it, you’d think that multi-millionaires and billionaires are the financial equivalent of the polar bear – an endangered species that must be protected at all costs. Every year, the poor billionaire […]

Falling Oil Prices Expose Bobby Jindal’s Failed Conservative Economic Policies

Most people around the United States are probably ecstatic at the low, low price of gas right now. Looking at, most of the country is under $2.61 a gallon and some areas in the Midwest are almost a dollar less than that. Here in Lafayette, I passed one gas station this morning that was […]

If Corporations Are People, They Should Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us

This morning, I came across an article by Jonathan Alter over at The Daily Beast that makes a lot of sense in regards to the practice of corporate inversions. In this piece, he argues that American companies should have to sign a contract, or “non-desertion agreement” in order to keep receiving federal contracts. In addition, […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Blasts Corporate Tax-Dodgers: “The Tax Code Is Rigged”

I don’t normally use words like “BLASTS,” “EVISCERATES,” or “DESTROYS” in headlines because I find them hyperbolic, and often an exaggeration of the actual story. In this case, “Blasts” is a pretty accurate description of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s harsh words for corporations like Walgreens that are moving their headquarters overseas to get out of paying […]

Republicans Approve $310 Billion in Tax Cuts for Big Corporations, Remove $12 Million to Help Foster Children

I think the thing that baffles me so much about Republican voters is that their own party doesn’t try to hide the fact that they’re a shill for the richest among us and big business. ┬áNearly every economic policy they support clearly favors these two groups, while almost every cut they push for targets the […]