Republican Senate Candidate Has Disgustingly Sexist Reason Why He Believes He’s Behind in the Polls

Normally I would give some kind of elaborate introduction into a story, but I’ll let this jackass speak for himself. Republican Senate candidate Jeff Bell, who’s challenging Senator Cory Booker in New Jersey, has quite the disgusting theory as to why he’s getting his butt kicked in recent poll numbers. “I’ve done a lot of thinking […]

Cory Booker: Sexuality “Doesn’t Make a Whit of Difference” on What Kind of Senator He’d Be

Why should it matter?  That’s the question asked by Newark Mayor Cory Booker, as he slammed his opponent who’s been insinuating that Mayor Booker is actually gay. Booker told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that his sexuality is not an issue and Americans should be focused on a candidate’s qualifications for office, not their sexual orientation. Hayes […]