John Boehner’s Resignation Signals The End Of The Republican Party

Speaker John Boehner’s departure marks another point political historians will look back on when conducting the postmortem autopsy of the Republican Party as we know it. Speaker Boehner represents a dying breed of Republican, the kind that could work across the aisle when needed but still managed to stick to the party’s favorite talking points […]

Speaker Boehner Is Wrong: The GOP War On Gay Rights Isn’t Over

Speaker John Boehner yesterday stated that he did not expect House Republicans to take up arms and try to fight the decision of the Supreme Court when they issue their ruling on same-sex marriage later this year. It is believed that that their decision will likely be a close 5-4 vote in favor of extending […]

Jeb Bush Points Out How Badly Our Economy Faltered During His Father And Brother’s Presidencies

Jeb Bush accidentally bashed his father and brother’s presidential legacies yesterday – and basically said President Obama’s administration was doing a better job on the economy at the same time. Recently, Republicans have started up their usual refrain of complaining about government regulations and it’s been unintentionally backfiring on them – as we saw with […]