Conservatives Flipping Out Over Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Skit are Out of Their Damn Minds

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if President Obama does anything, Republicans are going to whine and complain.  He can’t even take a vacation without conservatives throwing a fit about the fact that he’s not in Washington.  An attack that’s especially hypocritical considering Republican George W. Bush took 879 vacation days in his eight years […]

It Appears Even Ultraconservative Tea Partiers Have Grown Sick of Ted Cruz

I think Ted Cruz needs to face the harsh reality that practically nobody likes him.  He’s spent his entire first year in the United States Senate basically pandering to the tea party.  It’s pretty clear that Cruz’s strategy for his eventual presidential run in 2016 is to pander as much as possible to the tea […]

Michele Bachmann Presents: The Intellectual Tea Party!

I would like to thank Right Wing Watch for ruining my afternoon studying session with another intellectually-stimulating video from CPAC and our friend Michele Bachmann – the Congressperson who offers those delightful Bachmann Diaries for our friend Erin Nanasi. Bachmann (R-MN) got us some more Vampire Cult Cheerleading for the heavy-hitting scholars of the intellectual Tea […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: The Fall of a Deep Web Fundamentalist Fraud

Pastor Pillow here! A FUNDAMENTALIST DEATH STAR HAS EXPLODED! Let us rejoice. Please turn in your hymnals to No. 42. By the way, “yub-nub” is Ewok for “HALLELUJAH!” Most of our religio-political attention this week has been attuned to Republican Party leaders throwing their legs up over their heads for their annual CPAC swab.  Under […]

Sarah Palin Joins the List of Conservatives Who Made a Fool of Themselves at CPAC

Oh how I wish we could have CPAC once a month.  Seriously, I mean that.  It’s like how I felt about the 2012 GOP primaries.  You don’t get a better look at the idiocy of the Republican party than when Republicans are out publicly pandering to conservatives. I just knew when I saw that Sarah […]

Rick Perry Channels His Cheerleading Days at CPAC, Makes an Absolute Fool of Himself

Conservatives are falling over themselves to applaud Texas Governor Rick Perry for the speech he gave at CPAC.  Oh, what short memories we have when it comes to politics in this country. Of course Rick Perry gave a great speech at CPAC.  All he had to do was read a teleprompter and channel his cheerleader […]

Rand Paul Puckered Up and Kissed the Tea Party Right on Their Backsides During his CPAC Speech

It’s not secret that I think Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is an absolute joke.  For me, he floats between that spoiled kid who owes all his success to his dad and that kid in school who was pathetically desperate to hang out with the “cool kids.” Though don’t think for a minute that I’m calling […]

After Attacking Poor Families at CPAC, Paul Ryan Embarrassingly Gets Caught Plagiarizing from Book

Perhaps many of you have heard about the heart-wrenching story Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan told during his speech at the annual CPAC event.  During his speech, Ryan essentially said that if parents don’t personally make their children brown bag lunches, then that proves they don’t care for their children. He spoke about a story he […]

Rick Santorum Tells Conservatives to Stop Using the Economic Term “Middle Class”

I often say the Republican party – and the “conservative movement” as a whole – is largely based on propaganda.  I use the term “bumper sticker politics.”  They’re driven by short, simple talking points and rhetoric that might sound good to people who are being told what they want to hear – it just doesn’t make any sense. You […]