CNN’s Ana Navarro Perfectly Rips Into the Vile and Disgusting Nature of CPAC (Video)

The other day I was talking with a buddy of mine who watches a lot of CNN. We both wondered what’s going to become of Republicans like Ana Navarro and other conservatives like her who’ve refused to sell out to Donald Trump once he’s out of office and a Democrat is back in the White […]

Former Trump Advisor & Current Fox News Analyst Sebastian Gorka Assaults Reporter (Video)

While much of the Trump administration, including this “president,” couldn’t care less about facts or reality, former advisor Sebastian Gorka often took things to a whole other level of delusional insanity. Such as this exchange back in June when he claimed Trump’s tweets aren’t policy and that CNN’s Chris Cuomo shouldn’t spend so much time […]

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Compares Union Workers To Islamic Terrorists

Remember Wisconsin governor Scott Walker? Remember how a couple of years ago, it looked like his Koch-backed union busting would finally cause the people of Wisconsin to rise up and vote him out of office via a recall election? The outrage came from across America, the media was all over the story and when all […]

Nazis, ISIS, Guns & Open Carry Texas: The CPAC 2015 Recap!

The annual meeting of the minds that is CPAC (Caucasian People Are Perfect) came to a close on Sunday. Rand “Water Buddha” Paul won the straw poll, Sean Hannity revealed his super power, Scott Walker proved his readiness to fight terrorists, Donald Trump identified our new enemy, and Phil Robertson talked about STDs. Of course, […]

Sarah Palin Exploits Veterans at CPAC in Desperate Attempt to Save Her Public Image

To say the last year has been a rather rough one for Sarah Palin would be an understatement. While she remains a constant favorite among millions of ultra-conservatives, she’s made an absolute fool out of herself on several occasions. I even wrote an article last summer expressing a legitimate concern that something just isn’t right […]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Gives Absurd CPAC Speech Showcasing True Conservative Ignorance

Something I’ve always joked about is that my life would be much simpler if I was just a conservative. Instead of trying to understand science or deciphering complex problems to come up with rational solutions, I could just blindly applaud gibberish and nonsense as long as it was filled with plenty of conservative talking points […]

The GOP Decides To Spend $60M On Minority Outreach

No this isn’t a joke, the Republican Party is about to drop $60 million in an attempt to improve their image through a minority outreach campaign. Ok, well it isn’t all minority voters, just those who might be able to look past the racism and xenophobia running rampant on the fringes of the GOP. To […]

There’s Something About Phyllis (Schlafly)

Phyllis Schlafly hates feminists. To be fair, she also hates liberals, the LGBT community, President and Mrs. Obama, and the idea of any kind of gun control. Up until a few years ago, I thought Phyllis Schlafly was dead, so you can imagine my surprise when I found a rant of hers featured at Right […]

Conservatives Flipping Out Over Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Skit are Out of Their Damn Minds

It’s pretty much a guarantee that if President Obama does anything, Republicans are going to whine and complain.  He can’t even take a vacation without conservatives throwing a fit about the fact that he’s not in Washington.  An attack that’s especially hypocritical considering Republican George W. Bush took 879 vacation days in his eight years […]

It Appears Even Ultraconservative Tea Partiers Have Grown Sick of Ted Cruz

I think Ted Cruz needs to face the harsh reality that practically nobody likes him.  He’s spent his entire first year in the United States Senate basically pandering to the tea party.  It’s pretty clear that Cruz’s strategy for his eventual presidential run in 2016 is to pander as much as possible to the tea […]