Chuck Norris Says Hillary Clinton Will Win In 2016 Using Illegal Immigrants

I’ll admit that I still watch an occasional episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” from time to time. Perhaps it’s the cheesy 90s fashion complete with the semi-mullet Chuck Norris sports, the improbable slo-mo fights against criminals who always seem to have knowledge of martial arts, or maybe there isn’t much else to watch on TV […]

6 Reasons Why President Obama Is NOT A Dictator

I’m sure you have been subjected to the countless idiotic memes and the rants which usually boil down into a stew of paranoia and regurgitated right-wing talking points about how Obama is a tyrant, a dictator, etc. Our friends over at Ethical Reporters Against Faux News made this really great meme which completely refutes the […]

Right Wing Media & Politicians Now Have Blood On Their Hands

I didn’t want to have to write about guns again any time soon as the subject had been beaten to death, but here we go again with more right-wing wackjobs deciding that the federal government is tyrannical and that killing police officers and shooting up a Wal-Mart somehow will trigger a “revolution.” “Revolution,” “oppressive government,” […]

Alex Jones is Insane and Just Needs to Go Away

That’s it, I’ve had as much of this asshole as I can take.  Alex Jones is a pathetic jackass, plain and simple. If he vanished into a sinkhole into the lowest depths of the bowels of this planet, I wouldn’t feel the least bit sad.  In fact, I’d probably crack open a beer and light […]