Colorado Republican Proposes Welfare Solution: Give Everyone Guns

If you remember Tom Tancredo from the 2008 GOP primaries, congratulations, you pay attention to America’s political process more than most other people – political pundits included. If you don’t know who Tom Tancredo is, he was the less-funded, but virulently racist and anti-immigrant candidate from 2008 who rivals Donald Trump, but who barely made a […]

Ted Cruz Ally Larry Pratt Says The Second Amendment ‘Was Designed For People Just Like The President’

I wrote last week about a claim by Larry Pratt (the executive director of Gun Owners of America) that President Obama is like Hitler, and that he’s coming to take our guns. The threat of a gun grab is a long-standing conspiracy story that’s always been on the fringes of the far right for at least a […]

Gun Bullies & Stolen Valor: A Tale of Two Marines

Two Marines came to my attention over the past week. One Marine threatened a woman online, while the other stood up to gun bullies. First, the Marine who told a woman he hopes she gets shot. Coalition To Stop Gun Violence shared a screenshot last week, of an online “conversation” between one of their supporters […]

Open Carry Texas Finally Backs Down

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the recent open carry incidents in Texas where some individuals have made it a point to carry assault weapons in public and into private establishments, in protest of Texas law which does not allow the open carry of handguns. Let me explain this: In Texas you can […]

Crazy Cliven Bundy Armed Supporters Supposedly Setting Up Checkpoints on Nevada Highways

And many conservatives threw a fit because I called the tea party a terrorist group.  These people continue to get more and more ridiculous every single day. The most recent story coming from Nevada involves armed Cliven Bundy supporters (I refuse to call these jackasses a “militia”) setting up checkpoints along Nevada highways near Bunkerville, […]