GOP Congressman Introduces Bill To Abolish Gun-Free School Zones

When American voters handed over control of the United States Senate last November in a fit of apathy, I knew that the Republican Party would point to it as a mandate from voters and proof that our country wanted their policies as they would attempt to push their agenda down our throats. Sure enough, Congressional […]

Need An Abortion In Missouri? Rep. Rick Brattin Wants You To Get Permission First

Hey y’all, remember Todd Akin, the creepy guy who sunk his own campaign a couple of years back by making remarks about “legitimate rape“? Remember how we thought “well, certainly no Republican in his right mind would say something that stupid on the subject anytime soon”? Well, he’s not back just yet, but he seems […]

Hobby Lobby May Have Their Own Presidential Candidate In 2016

I’m going to go ahead and fire up the speculation machine, since almost everyone else in the political blogosphere has been┬ádoing that since the day after the 2012 election. Truth be told, there’s not a ton of speculation to be done here; Bobby Jindal has been making his intentions quite obvious by spending so much […]

Former Texas GOP Chair Says Immigration Reform Will Lead to End of Times, Demonic Branding

In one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever heard, former chair of the Republican Party of Texas Cathie Adams told a right-wing radio station that she has no doubt that immigration reform will lead to the “end of times.” Where to even begin. First, apparently she feels immigration reform will open the flood gates […]