Idaho Republicans Pushing Bill That Would Allow Creationism to be Taught in Science Classes

No matter how unconstitutional it is, Republicans are forever trying to interject the Bible into places where it doesn’t belong. It all goes together with their continued insistence that this nation was “founded on Christianity” – even though there’s not a single mention of the religion anywhere in our Constitution. Well, in the last few […]

Louisiana Boy Suspended From Public School For Having Long Hair

Louisiana, especially the rigidly conservative Protestant part of the state from Alexandria northwards, has a real problem with separating church and state. If you have ever spent any time in the state, you’d know what I’m talking about; if you don’t, bear in mind that the governor wanted to slash college funding but keep tax […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow’s Loaves & Fishies Apostolic Eatery Hut

Hello! Welcome to Pastor Pillow’s Loaves & Fishies Apostolic Eatery Hut—a fast food subsidiary of Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries.  I’m Pastor Pillow. Why, yes, until very recently this was in fact a McDonald’s. Yet with Ray Kroc’s gastronomic legacy on the verge of collapse, the Good Lord has provided an opportunity for hundreds of PP […]

Creationist Group Suing State of Kentucky for $18 Million Claiming Discrimination

Our right to freedom of religion is one of the bedrocks that make this nation great. What better way to build a society than to separate government from religion and let a nation’s citizens decide for themselves if they will or won’t be followers of a particular religion? Well, at least that’s the way our […]

Creationist Theme Park Throwing Hissy Fit After Being Denied Tax Breaks for Trying to Discriminate Against Employees

First let me start off by saying that the “theme park” being built in Kentucky by the religious radical group led by Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, shouldn’t be getting any kind of tax breaks, subsidies or anything at all related to taxpayer money for its construction. This isn’t a “religious institution” like a church, it’s […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Siri Saves the Sabbath, Kirk Cameron Saves Baby Jesus

Hey, Holy Siri!  Pastor Pillow here! We’ve been over this before.  It’s just Siri.  I’m not Divine. Well, God works in mysterious ways.  Anyway, I need your help.  It’s 30 minutes before Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Showtime, and I still don’t have a sermon.  Hello?  Are you there? Good morning.  Do you need a hug? I […]

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Creationist Ken Ham Embarrasses Himself Trying to Explain Why Aliens Can’t Exist

When it comes to creationism, space poses a bit of a conundrum.  See, space is massive – obviously.  Their whole “6,000 year theory” on existence doesn’t mesh with, well, anything found in science.  Six thousand light years from Earth doesn’t even get us that far away from our own planet, let alone to the other […]

Here’s Another Indisputable Way to Prove Creationists Wrong and Make Them Look Even More Foolish

While I try to avoid it, I recently had a discussion with yet another creationist.  They were completely civil, polite and otherwise sane, but the nonsense I heard them spew out against science and reality in general just astounded me.  Though I’ve had many debates with creationists, it still never ceases to amaze me just […]

So I Just Had a Shocking and Somewhat Terrifying Face to Face Discussion with a Creationist…

While I’ve had many online debates with creationists, before yesterday I’ve never really had a face to face encounter that resulted in much of anything.  I suppose that’s a good thing, as these people are willfully ignorant and have no desire to change how they look at anything when it comes to science.  So as […]

Delusional Ken Ham Still Can’t Come to Grips with the Fact Bill Nye Embarrassed Him During Their Debate

The problem with debating someone who’s delusional (especially someone who doubts widely accepted science) is that they’re often so far gone that even when soundly defeated they don’t have the mental capacity to understand that they lost. That pretty much sums up Ken Ham. I assume most people reading this watched (or at least heard […]