Creationist Group Suing State of Kentucky for $18 Million Claiming Discrimination

Our right to freedom of religion is one of the bedrocks that make this nation great. What better way to build a society than to separate government from religion and let a nation’s citizens decide for themselves if they will or won’t be followers of a particular religion? Well, at least that’s the way our […]

Creationist Ken Ham Embarrasses Himself Trying to Explain Why Aliens Can’t Exist

When it comes to creationism, space poses a bit of a conundrum.  See, space is massive – obviously.  Their whole “6,000 year theory” on existence doesn’t mesh with, well, anything found in science.  Six thousand light years from Earth doesn’t even get us that far away from our own planet, let alone to the other […]

How Conspiracy Nuts Are Duping Well-Meaning Liberals

As you know, I have a very low opinion of conspiracy nuts and the media personalities who cater to their delusions, like Alex Jones. And while many people on the left like to say that insane ideas like Obama is a time-traveling, shape-shifting reptile from another dimension are confined solely to the paranoid, right-wing fringe, […]

Here’s Another Indisputable Way to Prove Creationists Wrong and Make Them Look Even More Foolish

While I try to avoid it, I recently had a discussion with yet another creationist.  They were completely civil, polite and otherwise sane, but the nonsense I heard them spew out against science and reality in general just astounded me.  Though I’ve had many debates with creationists, it still never ceases to amaze me just […]

Sorry Creationists, Let Me Tell You Why Earth Wasn’t Created in Six 24-Hour Days

Whenever a creationist tries to tell me that the Earth was created in six 24-hour days, my head nearly explodes.  Oh, and on the seventh day He “rested.”  But all I usually do is shake my head and think to myself, “Wow.” Let’s look at this with some simple logic. Humans, through science, created the […]

It’s Time to Say it: Creationists Aren’t Christians – They’re a Cult

I think by now most who follow my writing know that I am not a fan of creationists.  In fact, the more I speak with several of them, the more I think these people are suffering from severe mental illness.  They’ll literally say that all scientific data is “just a theory” and that none of […]

Possibly the Best Example of the Delusion of Creationism That You Might Ever See

I wasn’t going to do another one of these articles following the first response I got to my 10 Questions Everyone Who Believes in Science Should Ask a Creationist.  But after receiving an email from another creationist who decided to answer my 10 questions, I felt the need to share.  Though I had to read through […]

If Creationists Want to Consider the Bible a Science Book, Then It’s Time to Start Taxing Churches

I’ve never been very outspoken on the subject of churches and the shield they receive from the burden of having to pay taxes.  Though it’s definitely a subject that brings out quite the feverish debate.  Then again this is a debate that’s been created by those religious folks who seem to obsess over their desires […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Creationist Nonsense with Lesson on How Fast Light Travels

I was raised to try not to judge people who think differently than I do, and for the most part I believe I do a decent job of that.  Granted, I’m pretty harsh when it comes to my criticisms of Republicans, but I didn’t start out that way.  When I first got into politics I […]

If Creationists Want Time on ‘Cosmos’ to Defend Their Nonsense, Then Let’s Bring Scientists into Churches

Since the relaunch of Cosmos hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, there’s been a nearly constant back and forth between people who believe in science and creationists who are bashing the show for not providing “their side of the scientific argument.”  A claim that’s ludicrous considering creationism is based on faith not science. But this back and forth has […]