Fox News Contributor Ben Stein Goes Off on Bizarre Anti-Cuba Rant in Pathetic Attempt to Bash President Obama

Since President Obama decided to end our decades-long (and outdated) policies pertaining to Cuba, Republicans have been beside themselves with anger because apparently they think it’s still 1962. The reality is,¬†the president’s decision to change many of our policies relating to Cuba was long overdue. These policies might have made sense in the 60’s, 70’s […]

Viva Cuba! Viva Democracy! Finally

In updating our long-standing policy of aggression with our next door neighbor Cuba, President Obama is doing something historic and significant. Cuba will now finally be open for US citizens to visit for any number of reasons, including religious, familial, and business purposes. However, I think we should question our assumptions in the fifty year […]

Obama’s Genius Shines Through Following Cuba Decision as the GOP Probably Ruined its Chances in 2016

A few weeks back I wrote an article¬†stating my belief that one of the biggest issues Republicans have with President Obama (aside from the pigment of his skin) is that he’s simply too intelligent for most conservatives to understand. He often thinks “big picture” and years down the road, while many conservatives can’t understand a […]