Rachel Maddow Rips Into Tucker Carlson and the Conservative Media for Fabricating The News (Video)

Most liberals have accused the conservative media of essentially fabricating the news.  And rightfully so.  There’s a reason why you only hear about certain stories on Fox News – because they’re so ridiculous that nobody else will cover them. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theorist’s dream.  The argument that, “See, they won’t report the truth!  Only I’m reporting […]

News Media Has Become More about Selling a Headline than Actually Researching and Informing

Up through the day of the 2012 election, Fox News predicted Romney would win, and win by a large margin. I remember people smugly telling me to get ready for a Republican wave that would continue the Tea Party gains of 2010. I even had invites to a “victory party” the night of the election, […]

Congressional Republican Leaders Blame Financial Crash on “Obamacare”

Speaking this morning to a group of reporters, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell both spoke at length about our economy, national debt and of course President Obama’s leadership. In what has become a cornerstone of the Republican Party since 2009, it didn’t take either of these gentlemen long before the […]