Dallas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Delivers A Powerful Message Against Racism

Dale Hansen is a sports anchor on WFAA 8, ABC’s Dallas TV station. He was born in 1948 in Iowa and raised by a father who he admits used a racial slur like it was “a proper noun.” Dale Hansen is a self-admitted “fat, old white guy” and if you were going by stereotypes, you […]

Dallas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Delivers A Profound Message On Equality

As many of you know, I hate Upworthy-style┬áheadlines like “This Little Girl DESTROYS Every Republican Talking Point In 30 Seconds!” or “A 16-Year-Old Explains Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Beauty May Be Wrong. With Math.” Why? It’s not that I’m some crotchety old man stuck in a 30-year-old body, it’s because when EVERY […]