Joe Walsh Has Racist Slur-filled Radio Rant; is Allowed Back on Air the Next Day

Joe Walsh, who we just wrote about the other day, was cut-off on air by his radio station for using the racist terms “n*gg*r” and “sp*c.” He later reused those words in an angry tweet, without censoring, about what he could and could not say on air. For Joe Walsh, this is about his rights […]

Are You Ready for Some Washington Tea Party Football?

So the Washington R*dsk*ns (it’s a slur, and I refuse to write-out slurs and give them their power) were just informed that their sucky racist name is and has been disparaging to Native American people. Thus, they cannot hold exclusive use of the name for copyright reasons. It’s not exactly the end of Dan Snyder […]

The NFL Can Go to Hell

I don’t want to tell people that they are wrong for supporting the NFL, or for wanting to watch the games. That would suck. But the NFL needs to change its evil ways. From its profiting off of racism to its denial in damaging of football players to its welfare reception from cheating on taxes. First, Dan Snyder makes boatloads […]

The DeChief Movement to End Anti-Native American Racism in Sports

We progressives have a reputation for focusing on the negative – the latest opportunist, massive waste, war, environmental disaster, outrage. Those aren’t necessarily bad, but it can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed, brunted by the sheer weight of crappy news after crappy news. And perhaps we’ve now got all this energy and not sure […]