Glenn Beck Warns That 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die Opposing Marriage Equality

To hear them tell it, you’d think that folks likes Glenn Beck or Mike Huckabee or others who cry wolf on a daily basis are going to be rounded up and tossed into prison any moment now. With the impending Supreme Court decision that is expected to make marriage equality the law of the land […]

Joe the Plumber’s Letter to Parents of Dead Kids

Joe the Plumber, who is not a licensed plumber, and whose name is actually Samuel Wurzelbacher, wrote an open letter for Barbwire, Matt Barber‘s new hate-filled website. As you may recall, Joe the Plumber leaped into the public spotlight during the 2008 presidential election, and was branded a middle class hero by the right wing. […]

Potential Republican Texas Senate Candidate David Barton Claims Abortion Leads to Climate Change

Well, we finally have a far-right conservative who will admit that climate change is indeed caused by humans.  Except it’s not for the reasons that you, I and the vast majority of the scientific community believe. See, David Barton (a potential GOP candidate for United States Senator in Texas) believes that abortion is causing climate change: “You […]