Death By Firing Squad? One State May Be Bringing It Back

On Friday, the Utah House advanced a bill to the state’s Senate that would bring back the firing squad as the mandated means of execution if lethal injection drugs are not available. The firing squad is currently only an option for carrying out the death penalty in two states – Utah and Oklahoma. Utah is […]

More Bad News For Rick Perry As Judge Refuses To Throw Out Charges Against Him

Once again, there’s more bad news for Rick Perry and his presumed presidential campaign in 2016. For the second time, a judge has refused to toss the case against the former Texas governor. Perry is facing two charges that he abused his power while in office by using his power as governor to try to remove […]

Absolute Absurdity: Free Lawyers For Fetuses In Alabama (VIDEO)

Last year, Alabama quietly passed HB 494. States pass bills all the time; bills to fix roads, or add some bigwig’s name to a library, or allocate funds for projects. In this case, HB 494 gives a free lawyer to fetuses. While actual people in Alabama may find themselves unable to afford an attorney, fetuses […]

Racial Inequality Is Alive And Kicking, No Matter What Fox News Says

If all you listened to was right-wing pundits, you could be forgiven for thinking that the civil rights movement was hundreds of years ago, instead of less than fifty. You could easily assume that racial inequality doesn’t exist, and that people are poor simply because they’re lazy. You would believe that America is a land […]

The Truth According to Trumbo: “Not-So-Lethal Injections” Edition

Dear Conservatives, You’re Not “Pro-Life” And Nobody Is “Pro-Abortion”

Along I-10 through Louisiana, there are a number of billboards paid for by the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) portraying Mary Landrieu as a “pro-abortion” liberal. This ad campaign targets 3 southern Democratic senators up for re-election; Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Mark Pryor (D-AR). Despite the fact that this is […]

Wyoming Lawmaker Proposes Using Firing Squad to Execute Death Row Inmates

The debate concerning the death penalty in this country can get as heated as any other topic I’ve seen.  You have people who are strongly against lethal punishments while some are strongly in favor of them. I’ll be honest, I really don’t know which way I go with it.  Some days I feel like I […]

Rick Perry and the Age Old Right Wing Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty Conundrum

This morning the Texas state legislature, at the direction of Governor Rick Perry, scheduled their second vote in two months on extremely restrictive, and possibly unconstitutional abortion legislation. The driving force behind the proposed legislation is Governor Perry’s so called staunch pro-life stance. The problem, however, is Rick Perry isn’t really pro-life at all. Really […]