Don’t Be Fooled, Trump’s Debt Ceiling Deal Isn’t What You Think It Is

Without a doubt, one of the biggest stories on Wednesday centered around Donald Trump’s unexpected deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling. The move apparently angered Republican leadership as they wanted to use the debt ceiling to leverage a longer spending plan, hoping to undermine any future leverage Democrats might have on issues such as […]

Ben Carson Shockingly Unable to Answer a Simple Question About Our Debt

Out of all the political debates I’ve had over the last few years, perhaps none infuriated me more than the “controversy” over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. I’ve experienced plenty of mind-numbing back and forth discussions with Republicans, but the debt ceiling easily ranks atop my list as one of the subjects […]

Ted Cruz’s Latest Ridiculous Comments Further Prove How Delusional He Is

What’s with the name “Ted,” combined with living in Texas, that seems to make some people completely delusional?  While Ted Nugent’s exploits lately have been well documented, we can’t forget that Ted Cruz is another conservative in Texas who’s quite possibly completely out of his mind. Cruz literally blames people for doing exactly what he […]

Republican Rep.: “Jesus Himself Couldn’t be the Speaker and Get 218 Republicans Behind Something”

In a rare display of brutal honesty, a Republican member of the House of Representatives implied the very thing liberals have been saying for years – Republicans are the problem. As most of us are all well aware of, our country is facing yet another vote to raise the debt ceiling.  Something that in the […]

Explaining the Debt Ceiling for Dummies – The Republican Edition

Words really don’t convey how annoying the “debt ceiling debate” has become for me.  I struggle to even call it a debate because anyone who’s really considering not raising it is a damn fool – and you shouldn’t debate with fools. I don’t even mind if you want to use the act of raising the […]

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, 3rd Edition

I told everyone I was going to make this a once a month feature and here it is.  I’ve gotten decent feedback by people who’ve asked conservatives these questions, so I’m hoping most of you are enjoying the column. If you haven’t seen the first two editions, here they are: 10 Questions Every Liberal Should […]

Here We Go Again: Republicans Plan to Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage Unless Their Demands are Met

Oh Paul Ryan, what a scumbag you are.  Then again, what should anyone expect?  This is a man who paid for his college education using Social Security money he received following the untimely death of his father — then has spent his entire adult life working for the government — yet constantly speaks out against […]

GOP Rep: Agreement to Reopen Government is a Victory for America and a Defeat for Ted Cruz

It seems that in this back and forth over who was primarily to blame for the government shutdown, there’s one thing some Republicans and probably every Democrat can agree on — Ted Cruz is a scumbag. Many say Cruz’s futile push to defund “Obamacare” was a fool’s errand, with Ted Cruz being the epitome of […]

As the Shutdown Seems to be Ending, One Thing is Certain – The Republican Party is a Joke

With the the announcement that the Senate has completed a deal that would reopen our government, and avoid a U.S. default by raising our debt ceiling, I can’t help but think to myself — “What an absolute waste of time this has been.” This whole thing started because tea party Republicans bought into their own […]

No Matter How Much Democrats Disliked Bush, They Still Never Shut Down the Government

It goes without saying that most Democrats and liberals were no fans of George W. Bush.  Some simply disliked the guy, many absolutely hated him.  For many liberals, President George W. Bush was by far one of the worst (if not the worst) presidents in modern history. But even at his worst, Democrats in Congress never shut […]