Dick Cheney: We Should Spend More on War, Less on the Poor

I just don’t get it.  I really don’t.  Why are people still viewing Dick Cheney as someone credible to interview on matters pertaining to this country?  Especially our national defense. Outside of saying, “Saddam Hussein is a bad person,” Dick Cheney was wrong on just about damn near everything related to our national defense for […]

Republicans Won’t Rest Until We’re at War with Iran

Upon hearing the news that a temporary deal had been reached concerning Iran’s nuclear programs, I knew without even seeing a single comment that Republicans were going to be against this six month trial run of diplomacy. Because that’s all this is.  It’s a six month deal to see if all parties involved will keep […]

Rand Paul Mocks Hurricane Sandy Victims, Eliminates Any Chance at a Presidential Bid

There are inappropriate statements, there are disgusting statements—and then there’s what Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said while responding to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s comments about Paul’s “dangerous brand of libertarianism.” A few days ago Governor Christie made comments attacking Paul’s brand of libertarianism.  Christie called it dangerous, and challenged Paul’s positions on our national security—essentially […]

Part 2: The Article Every Liberal Needs to Show a Conservative

About a month ago, I wrote an article which I highly encouraged liberals to share with as many conservatives as possible.  It was basically my take on a lot of right-wing ignorance I see coming from conservatives.  But in my efforts to keep it from being a 20 page dissertation on the blatant avoidance of reality […]