John Boehner Publishes Video Telling The Truth About His Job Performance

Anyone who knows me, or who has read my articles to date, probably already knows my opinion of John Boehner. If you don’t, it’s pretty easy to infer. But what the heck, I’ll just state it plainly: John Boehner is one of the most useless Speakers of the House we’ve ever had. Beyond the partisan […]

Rep. Steve King Says Any Government Shutdown Will Be the Fault of Obama “Tantrum” — Not Republicans

This is by far my favorite argument that I’ve seen coming from Republicans when it comes to pretty much anything. ┬áIt’s so absurd that it just makes me wish for a moment I could be inside their heads, because I would love to see what reality is like on their planet. Because, based on comments […]

Why are Republicans so afraid of Obamacare? The answer may surprise you.

Over and over and over again Republicans have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, saying that it would be a catastrophic blow to the US economy and our jobs market. But if the GOP (specifically the Tea Party) actually cared about the economy, would they really push forward legislation that tied increasing the debt […]