Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders, by Way of Cornel West: Be a Hope

Mom fell into the donut hole months ago, but she never told me.  Then she fell even harder—and the call came that she was headed to the hospital by ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor asked my mom why she hadn’t been taking her medicine.  A screwy look appeared on her face—the question prompted […]

Explaining Bernie Sanders and “Democratic Socialism” in a Nutshell

Despite what many seem to think, it’s possible to like both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – and I do. In fact, I like them a lot and would fight for either in the general election. Like many other Democrats, I simply believe that heading into one of the most vital presidential elections in many of our […]

Rand Paul Shamelessly Links Bernie Sanders To Genocides Throughout History

Rand Paul’s campaign is faring poorly these days, sitting at just 4% in Republican primary polling. Much to the chagrin of libertarian-leaning Republicans who were sure that Rand Paul was proof their ideas would finally break out into the mainstream of party politics, it seems like hardly anyone is taking him seriously. It’s certainly no […]