Ted Cruz Claims Most Violent Felons Are Actually Democrats

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz told a talk show host that the vast majority of violent criminals are Democrats. In the wake of the recent attack on Planned Parenthood by a man who apparently espoused right-wing conservative ideas, this is obviously an attempt by Ted Cruz to reinforce the idea with his base that this […]

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Democrats Win When They Show Up To Vote

This past Election Day, Democrats didn’t show up in some states and in Kentucky, a Tea Party fanatic won the governor’s race against the moderate Attorney General Jack Conway. This was a disturbing setback, and it was repeated in local elections like in Houston where an LGBT protection ordinance was struck down by voters. Houston […]

The Left Is In Trouble In 2016, And We Have Only Ourselves To Blame

Matthew Yglesias over at Vox wrote a story today that should be a sobering reminder to us all that Democrats are in big trouble. Leading off, he recognizes President Obama’s accomplishments, but then warns us that all it has done is create an “atmosphere of complacence.” Sure, in the face of incredible opposition from Republicans […]

I Used To Be A Conservative, Now I’m All In For Bernie Sanders

A couple of months ago, I went to a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in New Orleans. While I was there, I took a lot of pictures of the event, and sent a few of them to my very conservative Republican mother. Her observation of the event was that it was primarily young, and very white. […]

Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For More Democratic Debates

The first Republican debate was a ratings victory for Fox News. Perhaps it was the fact that like me, many viewers tuned in just to witness the inevitable drama that erupted between the Fox News hosts and Donald Trump. Currently, the 2016 Republican Primaries have a total of 12 events that were scheduled. Democrats only […]

Are Fox News And Wall Street Really Terrified Of Bernie Sanders?

I’ve been told by told by quite a few folks that Bernie Sanders is “unelectable” and “too extreme” when they’ve asked me about who my presidential choice for 2016 is. While I am not a registered Democrat, I consider myself to be a center-left independent who tends to vote for Democrats, and I don’t see […]

Here Is Bernie Sanders’ Simple But Effective Plan To Win The White House

While some say Bernie Sanders is a long shot to win the Democratic nomination (let alone the general election), he has a plan to win it all. This strategy isn’t a new idea, but it is one that Democrats have abandoned in recent years, and it has proven disastrous. In 2010, Republicans took control of […]

Ted Cruz Voted Against Sandy Relief, But Now Demands Federal Aid After Texas Floods (VIDEO)

There’s a bit of good news for Texas as it looks like the torrential rains and subsequent flooding may hopefully be coming to an end soon. The bad news is that you still have Ted Cruz and John Cornyn as your senators. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the country doesn’t mind sending you […]

5 Reasons Why Poor People Vote For Republicans

Have you ever wondered why so many poor people vote for Republicans, even though Republicans do very little to help them? Here in Louisiana, Republicans have taken every state-wide seat in government, and they couldn’t have done it without convincing the poorest people in the state to vote against their self interests. Over last few […]

How Bernie Sanders Will Make Hillary Clinton A Better Candidate In 2016

As you now know, Sen. Bernie Sanders will be announcing on Thursday that he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Other than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is the only other candidate so far to enter the field on the Democratic side, although former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is expected to also make his […]