Conservative Radio Host Mocks Troops Suffering from PTSD as ‘Weak,’ Belittles Those Suffering from Depression

Normally, protocol would dictate that I offer some kind of introduction as to what the reader is about to read. But in this instance, nothing I say can possibly even come close to describing the absolute and total ignorance that I just came across. So, since I can’t do this abomination I just heard justice, […]

Confronting Ignorance: Suicide Has Nothing to do with Being a ‘Coward’ or ‘Selfish’

Initially I hadn’t planned on writing anything concerning the tragic death of Robin Williams. What could honestly be said that wasn’t already known? ┬áBut as I saw more and more comments from people calling his act “selfish” or “cowardly,” I’ll be honest – I got angry. The last straw was a┬ácomment someone had left on […]

The Dangerous Sadness

Not that many years ago, I grew very sad. So I threw myself into work as a distraction. I separated myself from my family, maintaining only a few friends. I tried not to care anymore, for anyone or anything, because that would surely cure the sadness. It all seemed to happen pretty quickly. In just […]