PETA’s Latest Stunt May Be Their Most Offensive Yet

If you ever want to unite people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all ideologies and political affiliations, show them the latest crappy promotion that PETA is doing. Watch libertarians and Marxists; anti-racist activists; feminists; macho cowboys; conservatives; liberals and progressives; meat-eaters; vegetarians; and vegans of all ethnic, religious and socio-economic stripe and all ages […]

The Detroit Water Shut Off: A Violation of Human Rights

In efforts to gap its increasing debt, Detroit is shutting off water for up to 3,000 households a week. This travesty of justice is an effort to shake down half the town who have not been paying water bills. No one should have to pay for the luxury of basic living necessities. Activists are right to contact the […]

Morally bankrupt Sen. David Vitter tries to deny funds to Detroit which haven’t even been requested

It’s no secret that as a former Republican there is little love lost between me and the party. Some are just greedy, union-busting corporate puppets like Chris Christie or Scott Walker, others are just religious-right driven nuts like Rick Perry or Rick Santorum. And then there’s Louisiana’s own Senator David Vitter. Let me tell you […]

The Bankruptcy of Detroit is the Future of America under the GOP

Today it was announced that Detroit was filing for bankruptcy, making it the largest US city to go belly-up in our history. While it was no surprise that this was something that would eventually happen, the scary thing is that many other cities and even our own country are headed in this same direction. This […]