Devin Nunes is Now Trying to Build a Wall to Keep Democrats Away From Him

The fact that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) still has any job in Congress is rather stunning, but it’s absolutely mind-boggling that he’s still chairman of the House Intelligence Committee after all the b.s. he’s pulled. Seemingly for at least the past year, Nunes has been doing everything he can to coordinate with Donald Trump to […]

Devin Nunes’ Pathetic Memo Equates to Nothing More Than Breitbart-Style Trash

If you’re an unethical individual who’s desperate to push an agenda, you can make nearly anything seem possible. Practically every conspiracy theorist known to humankind fits this description. They’re frauds who have an ultimate goal of conning people into believing something, who then seek out ridiculous ways to “connect the dots” so that they can sell […]

Fox News’ Smith Calls Memo Another Desperate ‘Act of Mass Distraction’ to Protect Trump (Video)

If you’re someone who staunchly refuses to watch anything on Fox News (and I don’t blame you), I’d ask you to reconsider as it relates to Shep Smith. An extremely rare voice of reason, facts, and calling out the many lies of Trump and those defending his dishonesty and vile behavior, Smith is one of […]

Trump Lackey Devin Nunes’ Latest Russia Conspiracy Is Absolutely Insane (Video)

Until he scurried off to the White House in a secret meeting where he fed the “president” misinformation which Trump then used to back up his unfounded claim that Barack Obama had him illegally wiretapped, most of the country had probably never heard of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Despite being chairman of the House Intelligence […]