Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Shreds Dick Cheney’s Hypocrisy On Iran (Video)

In my opinion, Dick Cheney is one of the most detestable and corrupt people on this planet. While George W. Bush gets most of the blame for the debacle that was his eight years in the White House, Cheney was clearly one of the biggest influences behind one of the most incompetent administrations in our […]

Senator Tom Cotton Desperately Needs A Geography Lesson

Tom Cotton, current infamous Republican senator from Arkansas, appeared on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this past Sunday. The topic of discussion was Senator Cotton’s letter to Iran, and Cotton’s motivation for said letter. Many of the senators who signed the letter have backtracked their support, including John McCain, who has been telling anyone […] Petition Created To Remove Speaker John Boehner From Congress

A couple of liberal blogger sites are reporting that a petition has been created to expel Speaker John Boehner from Congress and have him tried for sedition, treason and generally being a piss-poor excuse for a House Speaker. Ok, I made that last part up, sort of. But as I was saying, a petition has […]

Is Germany Filing War Crimes Charges Against George Bush And Dick Cheney?

A story from December refuses to die, and once again it’s popping up in a few liberal Facebook groups I belong to. Headlines from and both claim that Germany is filing war crimes charges again former president George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and members of the CIA for their part in […]

SPECIAL EDITION Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: A Pastor Pillow Christmas Carol

Pastor Pillow stirred in his sleep. He heard a soft jingling, and his sleeping consciousness assumed it was nothing more than 6,000 springs adjusting themselves in his Jab Anstoez-handcrafted Majesty VI bed. The bed was a gift from the Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries Board of Ruling Elders, given to the good minister for his successful […]

Jon Stewart Crushes Dick Cheney’s Comments on Torture Report, Says ‘Thank You’ to George W. Bush (Video)

I’m really not one of these far-left “let’s try the whole Bush administration for war crimes” individuals. But when it comes to Dick Cheney, I really don’t know how this man is not on trial for war crimes. While a lot of hyperbole gets thrown around when describing the former vice president, I’m not sure […]

Dick Cheney And Other Bush Administration Officials May Finally Go To Trial

Did you know six members of the Bush Administration may finally end up in court? While I’d really rather see Bush painting his self portraits in solitary confinement or Rumsfeld riding the bulls at Angola, that’s not going to happen. Our friends over at Quiet Mike have been following this story for a while and […]

Power Rankings: The 10 Most Pathetic Conservatives of the Week – Week 2

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly power rankings.  The premise of this article is pretty simple.  I take the worst conservatives of the previous week and rank them accordingly based on whatever nonsense they said or did. Again, this isn’t based on everything every conservative said as that would be nearly impossible to […]

Dick Cheney: We Should Spend More on War, Less on the Poor

I just don’t get it.  I really don’t.  Why are people still viewing Dick Cheney as someone credible to interview on matters pertaining to this country?  Especially our national defense. Outside of saying, “Saddam Hussein is a bad person,” Dick Cheney was wrong on just about damn near everything related to our national defense for […]

5 Stories the Media Constantly Lets Republicans Blatantly Lie About

While the media has never been perfect, it’s become an absolute joke these last few years.  But what should we expect?  We’ve allowed our news to become dictated by corporations.  Now it’s ad revenue that drives the news, not actual quality reporting. Over the weekend as I watched several different news channels, it infuriated me […]