Dinesh D’Souza’s Absurd MLK Comments Prove the Man is Completely Delusional

While the name Dinesh D’Souza isn’t as common as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, he’s still a fairly well-known public figure in conservative circles. Though I’m not sure if I would call him influential. While he has written a couple of books, and subsequently made moves based on them, they’ve mostly […]

The Open Carry Movement Isn’t About Rights, It’s About Fear – And A Little Racism

Open Carry Texas backed off on their plans to march through Houston’s 5th Ward. Not because they finally realized the folly of their endeavor to somehow prove to the minority neighborhood that open carry of military-grade firearms was in their best interests. Oh, and apparently the neighborhood already had plenty of firearms, as demonstrated by […]

Florida Republican Wants Bill That Would Force Public Schools to Show Anti-Obama Propaganda Film

In a headline that sounds like something from The Onion, Florida state Senator Alan Hays (R) announced that he’s working on a bill he’s going to introduce that would require all of Florida’s middle and high schools to show Dinesh D’Souza’s latest conservative propaganda film, America: Imagine the World Without Her. Because nothing says “freedom” quite like […]

Social Mobility Is A Fairy Tale, And Conservatives Want To Keep It That Way

One of the interesting things about conservatives is that they often give lip service to sympathy for poor children in this country, but clearly have little to no sympathy for poor adults. Even when it’s not said out loud, I don’t think it’s terribly bold of me to claim that this sympathy differential is present. […]

Conservative Criminal Dinesh D’Souza says Obama Prefers Gitmo Prisoners to Veterans

Dinesh D’Souza says that Obama treats Gitmo prisoners better than veterans. In a tweet, the conservative political pundit says, “In Obama’s America, veterans get shafted and Guantanamo inmates get decent health care.” Oh, and D’Souza’s going to jail soon for campaign finance fraud. You may remember Dinesh D’Souza from his stunning political conspiracy theory documentary 2016: Obama’s America. Maybe […]

The Hypocrisy Of Conservative Finance Law Shenanigans

Liar and fraud Dinesh D’Souza has landed himself in hot water. No, not because his books are full of half-truths, full-on lies, and propaganda masked as “facts”. No, not even because, as bad as his books are, his movies are worse in the verifiable-facts department. It’s because he’s gotten his hand caught in the cookie […]

Dinesh D’Souza Claims Indictment Might be Payback from President Obama Over Propaganda Film

Where there’s a conservative being investigated for possible crimes, there will be a conservative conspiracy that claims President Obama is somehow behind it. I joked a couple of years ago that I should have started writing down every conspiracy conservatives had come up with about President Obama, then one day publish that list in all […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Leo Tolstoy & the R-Rated Wild, Wild West

Pastor Pillow here! Our morning service opens with a Kierkegaardean Either/Or “Choose Your Own Adventure” worship program. Either embrace the light and open your hymnals to No. 829. Or raise your right arm stiffly and bellow the “Horst Wessel” at No. 109. Yeah, the former song’s a bit schlocky, and might even require that you […]