Memories Pizza Is First Indiana Business To Deny Service To LGBT Customers

Let’s see a show of hands for all the married folks who served pizza at their wedding. Come on, don’t be shy. Did Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana do the catering? Is this an Indiana tradition, serving pizza at a wedding? The owners of Memories Pizza support the new and horrible Religious Freedom Restoration Act 100%, and to prove […]

Racial Inequality Is Alive And Kicking, No Matter What Fox News Says

If all you listened to was right-wing pundits, you could be forgiven for thinking that the civil rights movement was hundreds of years ago, instead of less than fifty. You could easily assume that racial inequality doesn’t exist, and that people are poor simply because they’re lazy. You would believe that America is a land […]

A Quick Explanation of “Religious Freedom” for These Conservatives Who Seem Unable to Understand What it Means

While Arizona made headlines with its anti-LGBT bill that was passed by the state legislature (but ultimately vetoed by Governor Brewer) several other states have proposed similar types of legislation. Conservatives who support these bills are masking them with the defense of “religious freedom,” while anyone with even a shred of common sense knows that’s […]

Former Bush Official Compares Conservative Anti-LGBT Laws to Terrorists Using Islam

It’s rare that I come across a Republican actually using common sense, especially as it relates to gay rights.  But that’s exactly what former George W. Bush campaign director Matthew Dowd did when he spoke about his belief that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will veto the new anti-LGBT bill that was just passed. On This Week […]

In Texas, Law Passes Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

In a victory for the LGBT community, a law was passed yesterday by the San Antonio City Council which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. And while this is a great victory for every supporter of equal rights for the gay community, it just seems absurd to me that this is still even a debate. […]