Bill Maher Absolutely Nails Why Voting Matters (VIDEO)

You aren’t normally going to find me singing the praises of Bill Maher, but he absolutely nailed it last night when discussing why voting matters. Yes, you heard that right, that’s me praising Bill Maher and using a click bait headline to describe what happened – because I believe in giving credit when it’s due, […]

Why The Left Needs To Reject Russell Brand

Whenever I open Facebook and start scrolling through my feed, I almost inevitably see some link shared that is about Russell Brand. From what I am able to see, he’s become a darling of some factions of what is left of the Occupy movement, as well as some libertarian types. Quite honestly, I don’t see the […]

The Real Way Republicans Plan to Rig Elections and Disenfranchise Voters

The last several years these new voter ID laws have often made headlines.  Most notably because they tend to target voters that tend to vote for Democrats.  And since the Supreme Court overturned parts of the Voting Rights Act, Republican controlled states have wasted no time passing new laws that seek to rig elections to […]

A Call to Young Voters: Guest Post by Madison Kimrey

Madison Kimrey is passionate, eloquent, astonishingly intelligent, and an outspoken advocate for voting rights. Living in North Carolina has allowed Madison to witness voting legislation aimed squarely at making it more difficult for young people to exercise their right to vote. But instead of standing silently by, Madison has chosen to become an activist. She […]

A Third of Texas Women May be Disenfranchised by New Voter ID Laws as Wendy Davis Seeks Governor’s Office

I wrote an article a while back titled Republicans Don’t Have to Worry About Winning Over Voters, They’re Just Going to Rig Elections, which took aim at the blatant attempts by Republican-controlled states all across the country to pass strict new voter ID laws targeting people who tend to vote Democratic. The State of Texas is […]

North Carolina Republicans Respect the Constitution Like 16 Year Olds Respect Their Parents

In June, the Supreme Court invalidated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which paved the way for states to move forward with strict new voting laws. The case I’m referring to is Shelby County v. Holder. Many states with Republican controlled legislatures and Republican governors, including North Carolina, did just that. They swiftly began […]