How Reprehensible Can Their Rape Comments Get? Look at What This Maine Republican Said

This article isn’t going to have any fancy lead-in, because this story is absolutely atrocious. Recently a liberal activist and blogger, Mike Tipping, dug up some of the most vile comments that I’ve ever read, coming from Maine State Representative Lawrence Lockman. And when I say “vile,” I mean it in every sense of the […]

Sarah Palin Mocks Diabetic Pregnant Woman Who Fainted During Obama Speech, Calls it “Hilarious”

How anyone can call themselves a fan of Sarah Palin baffles me.  Sure, I get the hardcore conservatives who’ll cheer almost anything a Republican public figure says, but Sarah Palin is nothing more than a babbling idiot. During her few years of fame, there’s been no shortage of material showing just how reprehensible she really […]

With No Vaseline — Maine Governor Paul LePage Makes Disgusting Remark About Democrat

Keeping with the classy theme of recent Republican remarks this past week, Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage pulled no punches yesterday when telling local station WMTW what he thinks of Democratic State Senator Troy Jackson. “Senator Jackson claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing […]