Fox News Blatantly Lies To Viewers About “Censorship” By DISH Network (VIDEO)

Ever since DISH Network stopped carrying Fox News and Fox Business recently, the viewers of the channel that brings all the slanted knowledge they crave have been in an uproar. Spurred on by Fox News and other conservative media sources, they’ve been angrily posting on DISH Network’s Facebook page, demanding (sometimes in ALL CAPS) that […]

Dish Network Has Dropped Fox News: Here Are 5 Alternatives Conservatives Can Watch Instead

As many of you have heard, there’s currently an ongoing dispute between Dish Network and Fox News. These kinds of disputes are nothing new and they always boil down to money. Of course, this is only temporary. It’s just a matter of time before one side caves and Fox News is back on Dish Network […]

Dish Network Exposes Fox News as Nothing More than a Conservative Entertainment Channel

By now many people have heard about Dish Network dropping Fox News (at least temporarily) from its broadcasts over a contract dispute. While contract disputes between networks and television providers are nothing new, Fox News being dumped by one of the country’s largest television providers has irritated many conservatives while humoring quite a few liberals. […]