Simple Math Still Proves the Democratic Primary Wasn’t Rigged Against Sanders

Once again, here we are faced with another “Hillary Clinton scandal” that, once you actually look at the facts, isn’t what many people are claiming it is. While many have said that Donna Brazile’s new book “proves Clinton rigged the primary against Sanders,” that’s not what the former interim DNC chair said. As reported by […]

Bernie Sanders Perfectly Explains Why the Clinton Campaign’s Stolen Emails Don’t Matter

Try as they might, the Clinton campaign emails WikiLeaks has been releasing haven’t had the desired impact that the organization, the Russian government and many Republicans wanted them to — because there’s simply nothing there. I’ve read through a lot of these emails and — contextually — this is one of the biggest “flops” as […]

U.S. Intelligence Officials Investigating Another Trump Link to Russian Government, DNC Hacks

While the media continues to ask the same questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails that have been answered and discussed countless times over the past year, even though nothing unethical or corrupt has been linked to any of it, the list showing Donald Trump’s links to pro-Russian interests continues to grow — yet you hardly hear a […]

This Is Why, as a Hillary Supporter, I Agree with Bernie Sanders That Debbie Wasserman Schultz Must Go

As a Hillary Clinton supporter, I seem to have caught a few of her supporters off guard recently when I wrote an article expressing my disdain for current DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I think she’s a terrible leader who’s extraordinarily incompetent, and I feel the party has been a disaster during her tenure. Sure, while […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Disgrace and an Embarrassment to Democrats

While I’m not a fan of all Democrats, I am a Democrat who knows the party is flawed while realizing that the issues it has are best fixed from within. And, believe me, there are a lot of issues I’d like to fix within the party. Starting with getting rid of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. […]

No, The DNC Didn’t Sabotage Bernie Sanders’ Campaign with a Delegate Conspiracy

While the Internet has brought the world unbelievable advancements throughout the years, the downside is that it’s also increased the amount of misinformation that gets passed off as “fact” and quickly becomes “truth” to those who choose to believe everything they read or see on a meme. In today’s world, all that’s required for a […]

No, The DNC Did Not Disqualify Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

Right now, there are a lot of my fellow Bernie Sanders supporters who are outraged that the DNC temporarily suspended his campaign’s access to their voter database. Based on what we have heard, some campaign staffers may have taken advantage of a lapse in the firewall to view information that they shouldn’t have. The story […]