This is the One Question I’ve Used That’s Stumped Trump Supporters the Most (Video)

One question might not change the minds of many Trump supporters, but it’s definitely shut a lot of them up, made them flustered and/or sent them into ridiculous tangents trying to avoid saying the only answer that makes sense. So, what is this question? It’s very simple. Imagine a room full of dictators who use chemical weapons on women […]

Donald Trump Tries to Take Credit for Job Creation He Had Nothing to Do With

When looking at the factors leading up to Donald Trump’s rise in the Republican presidential primary, nothing beats the fact that his supporters don’t seem to care that almost everything he says is a lie. And I’m not exaggerating; his scorecard on the non-partisan fact-checking site Politifact is abysmal. Of the 57 comments they’ve fact-checked, 75 percent have been a […]