Jake Tapper Hilariously Mocks Trump’s New ‘Deep State Conspiracy’ Lawyer (Video)

For those who haven’t heard, Donald Trump just hired a new lawyer to join his legal team who has very publicly alleged that Trump’s the victim of a conspiracy involving the Justice Department and FBI. You know, the whole “Democrat deep state” which is apparently “pulling all the strings” — in an investigation being led […]

Trump Will Fire Mueller Because He Knows Republicans Won’t Do a Damn Thing About It

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Will Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller?,” the answer is yes — it’s going to happen. Granted this is just my opinion, but all political analysis is largely based on opinion combined with experience, education, and even just some good ol’ fashion common sense. I have no doubt that Trump’s guilty […]

3 Things Trump’s Unhinged Weekend Twitter Implosion Seemed to Prove

While there have been many unhinged, fairly incoherent Twitter outbursts from this “president,” few have reached the level of the few tweets he sent out this weekend when he launched one of his most aggressive attacks against the FBI, Department of Justice, and Robert Mueller yet. Understandably so, most people focused on the content of […]

Trey Gowdy Rips Trump on Fox News: If You’re Innocent, Stop Acting Like You’re Guilty (Video)

For years Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was one of the main faces of the GOP-led investigations into the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. So I don’t want to hear any Trump supporters whine when it comes to comments he made Sunday to Fox News’ Chris Wallace where he effectively said this “president,” despite his repeated claims […]

Trump Laughably Forced Staffers to Sign Unconstitutional Non-Disclosure Agreements

Donald Trump seems to believe he’s above our laws and our Constitution. As “president” he’s made it perfectly clear that he feels Congress, our judiciary, the media, the Department of Justice, and even the FBI works for him — not the American people. That’s not at all surprising considering Trump’s obvious affinity for authoritarian-type leaders […]

Rick Wilson Excoriates Trump Supporter: ‘Don’t You Dare Talk About Respect’ (Video)

You won’t find too many people who oppose Donald Trump as much as conservative analyst Rick Wilson. Someone who’s never afraid to speak his mind, Wilson has made no secret of his disdain for this “president” and the people who continue to defend his vile and disgusting behavior. A prime example of what I mean […]

Here’s the One Part of the House GOP’s Russia Investigation Report That Proves It’s Total B.S.

Keeping up with the day-to-day scandals, controversies, and overall incompetence of Donald Trump isn’t an easy task. Even as someone who writes about and analyzes politics for a living, I find myself asking “Which one?” whenever someone asks me if I’ve heard about the latest Trump controversy. Far too many stories that should be major […]

Jake Tapper Hits Trump Where it Hurts, Slams Him for Being a Coward (Video)

While the vast majority of Donald Trump supporters view him as some “tough-talking alpha male,” this “president” is actually one of the most insecure cowards I’ve seen. Like most bullies (and Trump’s most definitely a bully), he’s fine whenever he’s in a position of power over someone he feels is weaker than he is or […]

Former Bush Speechwriter Rips ‘Shameless’ Evangelical Hypocrites Who Support Trump

Long before Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican Party I made it clear that I don’t consider most Republicans to be Christians. Sure, that’s what many might call themselves, but as a Christian, myself, I think you actually have to support policies that mirror the beliefs and teachings of Jesus Christ to […]

Once Again Trump Tries to Brag About Polls That Prove How Terrible He Is

In Donald Trump’s corrupted view of “reality,” anything he feels he can twist into something positive to use to brag about himself is 100 percent valid and ignored by the media (which is why, according to him, you aren’t hearing about his delusions), while anything negative is nothing but “fake news.” Of course, that’s completely […]