Ex-Nixon Advisor Says Trump’s Obstruction Could Be Worse Than Watergate, May End Presidency

Several months ago I wrote an article where I told people that it wasn’t a matter of if Donald Trump was going to fire Robert Mueller, just when. In that article I said the following: Ultimately, Trump’s going to do what he always does — whatever he feels is in his own best interests. Once he feels […]

Trump’s Latest Directive Further Cements His Place as the Most Ignorant President in History

It’s clear that the “strategy” for the modern day Republican Party has been to act like things such as facts, reality, and science don’t actually exist, that way it’s easier for them to perpetuate their lies, propaganda, and delusional version of reality. You’ve seen this in the past as it relates to climate change, such […]

Even if Trump Didn’t Collude with Russia, There’s Another Major Reason He Should be Impeached

For the sake of argument here, let’s say neither Donald Trump nor anyone from his campaign directly colluded with Russians during last year’s election. While I absolutely believe they did, at least on some level, for the sake of the point I want to make in this article let’s assume that they didn’t. If that’s […]

Here are Some Numbers That Will Send Trump and His Hardcore Supporters into a Rage Spiral

Even though Trump supporters like to accuse those who oppose him of being “delicate snowflakes,” the truth is, they’re some of the most easily-triggered, whiny, overly-sensitive folks around. Pointing out anything negative about him, even if it’s quoting something he’s said verbatim, can often trigger a massive hissy fit from anyone who supports him. I’ll […]

Former British PM Rips ‘Dangerous’ Trump, Mocks Him for Needing Russia’s Help to Get Elected

To listen to Trump supporters talk, you’d think that most of the hatred displayed by the left toward him is based on “jealousy because we can’t get over losing the election.” To these proud Trumpsters who refuse to realize how awful he is, anything negative about him is “fake news” being pushed by people who […]

The 5 Biggest Losers From the Embarrassing Roy Moore Debacle in Alabama

When Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party decided to go all-in on Roy Moore, they took one of the biggest gambles in political history. Shockingly, the party of “family values” figured that getting Moore’s vote was worth trying to elect a credibly accused child predator to the United States Senate. They lost. However, […]

The Anatomy of a Con Man: Donald Trump’s Bullsh*t is Always the Same

Donald Trump will go down in our history books as the most successful con man this nation has ever seen. This is someone who managed to become “President” of the United States by doing nothing more than selling lies, conspiracies, and pandering to people too ignorant to realize that nearly everything he was telling them […]

Donald Trump’s Tuesday Twitter Meltdown Was One of His Most Revolting Yet

Donald Trump has said a lot of terrible things throughout his life, especially on Twitter where the coward who hides behind his phone says things he’d never have the courage to say to anyone’s face. That said, three tweets he sent out on Tuesday morning were some of his most disgusting yet. The first one […]

Donald Trump and Roy Moore Epitomize Everything Wrong With the Republican Party

As someone who’s lived in Texas my entire life, I’ve seen firsthand the hypocritical and contradictory nature of your typical conservative. It’s probably the main reason why I’ve opposed nearly everything Republicans have stood for my entire life. It’s not because I was “raised to be a progressive,” it’s because their hypocrisy and ignorance was […]

New Report Sheds Even More Light on How Weak and Pathetic Donald Trump Is

To Donald Trump and his supporters, The New York Times is nothing more than “fake news” that shouldn’t be believed. Then again, any media entity that dares to report anything negative about this “president” is “fake news” according to Trump and his clan of brainwashed cultists. The truth is, while occasionally flawed like every other […]